Monday, October 4, 2010

photographs on the collage table

Sometimes I accidentally print more photos than I need for the children's journals and end up with a stack of photos that don't have a home to go to.

Rather than let them go to waste, I popped them onto the collage table:

Some of the children just enjoyed cutting; others sat and reminisced about days gone by; some wrapped up cut up pictures in layers of paper and ribbons to take home as presents. 

Others glued themselves and their friends onto boxes and cardboard tubes:

This inspired a lovely period of imaginative play as they arranged the boxes and tubes on top of the shelf and created little stories and conversations.

Which got me thinking that I might just pop them into the block corner for the children to use as props in their play.  

Nothing goes to waste at preschool!


  1. Great idea Jenny ... as usual! You could pop down some blu tack with the pictures and blocks and see where they take it.
    Donna :) :)

  2. at the end of the year i've ended up with photos that we do this with, but i think i want to start sooner.....and add tubes and boxes to it!

    fantastic. thank you!

  3. what is it with the whole wrapping things up as presents thing?? My Princess is constantly doing that with drawings she does for people and it is driving me nuts! LOL

  4. Leave it to preschoolers to come with an alternative use for something. They are experts at this!

    These photos will make a great addition to your block area. It is exciting to think about how the children will include the photos into their block play.

  5. An incredible idea, Jenny. (Or irresistible, as Donna would say!)

    I haven't done this too much, but I'll be adding it to our next collage project.