Friday, October 22, 2010

one man's trash is a preschooler's treasure

One man's trash is a preschooler's treasure.

Case in point:  rolls of plastic garden mesh retrieved from the side of the road during a council clean-up have become:

A fence to keep away those pesky toy thieves;

A cave;

and a garage.

We never get tired of watching what the children come up with when they discover 'loose parts' like this garden mesh in the playground. 

The potential of open ended loose parts for imaginative and creative play are seemingly endless - just like the imagination and creativity of our preschoolers.


  1. They always think outside the square don't they Jenny!
    Donna :) :)

  2. I must say - that fence is pretty terrific.

    Speaking of trash: My neighbors moved and left a huge pile of trash at the curb. So far, I've restrained myself from raiding it. But I think I saw some boards in there and....

  3. Very fun! Thanks for sharing! Wish that we lived close enough to come and play with all of you.
    Wanted to also see if you and your students would ever wanna do pen pals with us. We would love to exchange some pen pal letters and maybe some little trinkets from the USA with all of you if you would like to do the same...also, my dear hubby finally got some armadillo photos for you that I need to share with you and your children.
    Well, hope that you are having a nice weekend,

  4. Fencing is fun, isn't it! I carry around rolls of straw fencing and hazel brash for the same of all though is the flexible willow lattice from garden centres. It's fab....

  5. I have several rolls of what we call "snow fencing" or "caution fencing" around the school. Sadly, they've been tucked away for too long. Time to bring them out again! Thanks for the reminder, Jenny.