Thursday, October 28, 2010

a morning at the movies

This is what I love:

Being there when children's play takes off and being privileged enough to be invited along for the ride.

It can be sparked by something as simple as paper on the writing table:

which had one three year old writing tickets:

And before you know it we are off to the movies.

First you must be appropriately accessorised:

Props must be fetched from all corners of the room:

Chairs assembled into rows: 

A movie screen created:

and hung:

Tickets are purchased: 

Food and drinks are bought and consumed:

At last it is time to settle back and enjoy the show.

But wait - one canny three year old remembers that movies need a sound track.

A CD is played:

And then its time to dance.

We scaffold their play with a comment here or supporting social interactions there.  We supply the resources that are needed and a secure adult base for our younger ones.  Mostly we just try to hang on as we are carried swiftly along by the amazing imaginations and deep engagement of these very young beings. 

Tough job, but someone has to do it!


  1. Oh Jenny that is priceless!!! Funnily enough we find that perforated paper often leads to show ticket too ... usually puppet shows however. Another great post Jen ... as usual!

    Donna :) :)

  2. What do you mean about "we scaffold their play time..."?

  3. Hi Phyllis - by scaffolding I mean that we don't direct their play, we
    support their current level of thinking by encouraging them to extend or build on their play by talking with them about what they are doing, by joining in their play, and by helping them to solve problems that arise, adding materials, helping them to draw on their experiences. For example, when one child noted that we didn't have a movie screen we thought about what it should look like, where we should put it and then how we could make one - then gathered the materials together.

  4. Donna - gathering evidence for our paper experiment! I'm going to post on it soon, so stay tuned :)

  5. That's fantastic! I love the movie screen. Looks like a really fun time.

  6. Love it!! We've had a movie-time once or twice here too; dolls, action figures and soft toys are usually the audience.

    I thought you might like to see our most recent flight into imaginative play (written up on my lil blog Adventures At Home). I also scaffold my children's activities - though I've never called it that before - when their play takes off like this. This one evolved into PET SHOP. They made a sign with my help, 'PET SHOP. Some for Sale. Some Not for Sale.'


  7. That is amazing. Love how something so simple sparked all that creative play!

  8. So fun! Today we played halloween charades (it was suppose to be a trick for a treat) and the adventurers had a great time. I definitely think we need to do this. Thanks for your inspiration!

  9. the wonderful imaginative play of children at work...i always love to see what the kids are up to at your place jenny

    blessings, xx

  10. Excellent! I love seeing excellent documentation of scaffolding and emergent play in action. Make me feel like I was there enjoying it all with you!

  11. what imaginative kids. This looks like so much fun!

  12. Nice daughter would love something like this..