Wednesday, October 20, 2010

imaginative play in a tyre

No sooner had I been oohhing and aahhing about Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School's fabulous terrain tubes:

than I arrived at preschool to find my lovely colleague was thinking along the very same lines.

Soil was added to old tyres, and sprinkled with lawn seed:

Before we knew it the grass had grown and we now have our own version of terrain tubes.  Maybe we could call them terrain tyres.

With the additon of a few props, and large doses of the imagination the 'terrain tyres' became cave people worlds:

The grass looks so inviting, and is beautiful to the touch.

I realise that these little people look like pretty fancy cave people, but the girls were willing to overlook that fact.  The peg dolls are new to preschool - a generous gift from our kind friends Sherry and Donna from Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning.

Sherry and Donna, since the dolls came out to play they have had lots of adventures.

And not only as cave dwellers.  Here, sadly, they are just about to meet a grizzly end at the hands of a dinosaur.

With the idea of adding a few more bits and pieces to some of our 'tyre terrains', I stumbled upon a site called The Mini Garden Guru and found inspiration galore:

Or then there's Sherry and Donna's idea of imaginative play in a wheelbarrow over at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning.    All the potential of a mini garden - plus its moveable!


  1. ooooohhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh is right Jenny! Your tyres look wonderful. Our bird seed tyre plantings are just about thick and strong enough for some irresistible play to take place. The peg dolls look great too thanks to the tallented Janine and Michelle from "Homemade Rainbows".

    Donna :) :)

    BTW "The Mini Garden Guru" playscapes are totally irresistible too!

  2. I'm all excited for spring now!!! Although here we are high into fall with winter and oodles of snow around the corner. I'm going to have to bookmark all of these great spring ideas and hope that the snow melts quickly this year!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! We've been asking for used tires for a while now, and now we have so many more ideas for them!

  4. My boys -- who absolutely LOVE anything with wheels -- would so love this. I've got to get my hands on some tires (never thought I'd say that!). Thanks for sharing!

  5. I can't say enough how much I love these planters/playscapes. They are just beautiful. My son's elementary school has a garden and each class has a plot. I think these type of planters would be a nice addition.

  6. There you go again, Jenny, doing your research thing and catching my head on fire! I only have one tire out there in the outdoor classroom, but we have lots of burlap bags, which are almost as good.

    I'm so happy you're back in the blogging groove!

  7. I really love playing pretend play outdoors! It really maximize children imagination and creativity!

  8. more fun inspiration from Jenny! thanks for all of the good ideas. i'm a sucker for itty-bitty things, and these mini gardens fill that space in my heart. i'm also inspired by the tumblr site you started, and need to figure out a good way to sort and save all of my ideas...i may just steal another page out of your book :)

  9. Me too! Me Too!
    Thank you for your posts. Somehow, when I am exhausted, and I look at your blog, I get a little burst of energy. Your ideas are contagious.
    In admiration,

  10. Love the tire projects!
    Very cool!
    We have a playground near us that used tires in its design. Will have to send you some photos of the playground. they made all kinds of neat climbing structures with the tires.
    Have a nice rest of your weekend,

  11. LOVE IT! Planning on sharing it via FB!!!

  12. Wow. Absolutely wonderful!! Sharing.

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