Sunday, October 3, 2010

getting our weave on

When I found some plastic garden mesh at a council clean-up I knew it was time to get our weave on.

We strung the mesh outside between two posts to make a pretty nifty weaving frame. 

In a tribute to spring, we added a basket of Jasmine to thread through the grid:

I had visions of a communal weaving project that we could eventually hang on the wall.

It shouldn't surprise you that the kids took things in a completely unexpected direction.

They gathered more and more materials to add to the mix:

Scarves, table cloths and lengths of material were threaded through and thrown on until it almost groaned with all the extra weight:

They then discovered that they had created a kind of crawl space:

And with the addition of a few cushions it made the perfect cubby-for-one:

(Yes, that's a child in there.)

Don't you love the way that you can plan a perfectly straight forward experience and then the imagination and creativity of the kids takes it somewhere you never would have dreamed of?

At the end of the day we returned all the tablecloths, scarves and bandages to their homes and hung what we were left with up on the wall:

I still can't look at it without thinking of the cubby with the little faces peering out at me through the mesh.

If you'd like more on weaving:


  1. Thanks for this inspiration from you and your children. I have lots of climbing plants in my garden including jasmine which could do with being cut back - I can send the trails off to a nursery to use!

  2. Ooo, and I have tons of ivy that needs to be cut at my house. What a fun weaving material that would be!

  3. I absolutely love how the children can make any activity their own when teachers give them that opportunity--no time limits, no teacher peering over their shoulders. keep up the awesome work!

  4. That is one cool weaving project Jenny!
    Donna :) :)

  5. The smell of jasmine takes me back to my childhood. Weaving with it is a wonderful idea!

  6. It grows all along the driveway to preschool - and plays havoc with my poor hayfever suffering Director :( But like you Cath, it reminds me of childhood.

  7. I want to get my weave on! I am just about to start a fall weaving using my new classroom loom. Can't wait to see what emerges!

  8. Lovely idea - I'm inspired to make an outdoor weaving loom in the backyard. Actually I just followed a link from littleecofootprints to here. I think it will be lovely activity for the kids and all their friends over summer.