Sunday, October 31, 2010

the garbage truck and not being needed

 In case it is not immediately apparent to your adult eye, this is a garbage truck.  

Garbage (aka little girls and boys) enters through one end of the the garbage shoot (aka tunnel) and emerges into the compactor (aka big tyre).

Piece of garbage #1 has already made the journey through the garbage shoot, and she is firmly ensconced in the compactor.  Piece of garbage #2 will emerge at any minute.  Wait for it:

And out he pops. 

Now this is where it gets interesting.  Piece of garbage #3 has entered the garbage shoot (you can just make out his shoe sticking out of the tunnel.)

What will happen when he realises there is no room in the compactor? 
What will the other two do when another little body starts trying to push them out of the way? 
Will he freak out when he realises he is stuck? 

When the anticipated commotion begins, I start to step in.

The Garbage Supervisor beats me to it, and tells piece of garbage #1:

"You're recycled."

And out she hops. 

Piece of garbage #2 moves along and makes room for relieved piece of garbage #3.

I like being not needed.


  1. i really love this! What a fantastic observation. some real understanding and Knowledge of the world they live in!

  2. Wow, Jenny. Just wow! No adult could ever make something like this happen, not in a million years. This is why we want the kids to be in charge.

  3. Thanks guys - and I so agree Tom. It reminded me that we need to wait before we step in.

  4. That does it ... I want to be five years old again!
    Donna :) :)

  5. We have the same tunnel the kids absolutely love it! And I think it's brilliant how you re-purposed un-used items!