Wednesday, September 15, 2010

preschool materials do grow on trees

Sometimes great materials for creative or imaginative play literally do fall from the trees. 

This beauty fell off the palm tree in my backyard. 

First we painted it because - well because we pretty much like to paint everything:

After about the tenth layer of paint the colours had all mixed together to produce the EXACT same colour as it was when it fell off the tree. 

Not to worry, the next day we painting some designs on it and it has been popping up as a pretty cool looking addition to our block corner:

It makes a great dinosaur habitat, especially when teamed with tree cookies and driftwood blocks:

And here it is as a waterslide:

that swiveled between these two swimming pools:

I'm thinking it would be a perfect place to hold the treasures we collect from the bush.

One of our mums suggested we could even plant herbs in it. 

We just need a big wind to knock a few more down from the palm tree....

What about you?  What natural materials have  you bought inside lately?


  1. What a wonderful treasure! It looks like it could be a boat too! How cool, is that mojo coming back??? I sure hope so!

  2. I love it, there is just so much you can do with it, and however you use it it will look wonderful :)

  3. Hmmm ... I'm hoping some REALLY big winds might hit sometime around ooooh let's see ... maybe Wednesday September 29th ... yeah I reckon you'll definitely be due some big winds by then, mind you Jenny I'm thinking your distressed willow sticks are pretty irresistible too! You're right ... the good stuff usually does fall from the trees ... sticks, gumnuts, acorn, leaves, nests, birds eggs, bark, flowers ...
    Donna :) :)

  4. Waht a find - and I love those distressed willow sticks (had no idea what they were, so thanks Sherry and Donna):)

  5. The bark is great! It looks like it could be turned into a boat too. But holding treasures sounds like the best idea to me.

  6. What a great resource that just fell into your lap! I love its many uses in block corner.

    Jenny, are you out shaking that tree every day for more treasures??

  7. Awesome use of natural materials with the kids!

  8. That is how big of a space I need to support construction exploration in our classroom. Your space is lovely.