Monday, September 20, 2010

help to redecorate our dolls house

These little wooden people live in our big, old dolls house.

I told you it was old!  I think it is now more derelict squat than anything. 

But as they say in the Real Estate business, it has good bones.

So here is where I throw it open to all you creative minds:

What would you do to renovate our dolls house?
What could we do that would involve the kids?
Different colours for each room, or all the same colour?
Bright colours or subdued?


  1. Well Jenny they say it's all about location, location, location and as you are situated in THE most beautiful location I reckon you've go a renovators delight on your hands! My advice however would be to pack up the "little wooden people" and move out while the works being done!
    Donna :) :)

  2. My relator would say neutral colors and no wallpaper but that's an awfully boring way to live for dollhouse people! I'm actually making one right now for my daughter's preschool's silent auction. I'm painting the inside rooms different bright colors, turquoise/lime green/lavender/yellow and using fun scrapbook papers to mod-podge to the floors for some pattern/interest. I'll post it as soon as it's done or further along in progress. I have to involve the kids as part of my project as well -- I'm going to use their fingerprints as flowers/vines/plants growing on the outside walls and POSSIBLY use their fingerprints as the shingles on the roof.

    I want it to be cute and not too messy/sloppy since it is something we're trying to auction off to raise money for our school.

    pink and green mama

  3. A mosaic roof or floor would be cool like the one your kids made for the "We Play Mosaics" post!!

  4. I really love the painting doll houses of Beerlala ( Amazing!!

    Hugs :*

  5. I supposed you know that if you just turn the kids loose with paint brushes, it will wind up a muddy, gray. At least that's what my kids discovered last year when they tried to paint their rainbow nutcracker without a prior plan.

    I'd think about working on those democracy skills and go through a process of voting on colors. You could do one room a day or divide into 4 groups that take turns decorating their room. You could decorate this way annually, or even monthly if you wanted!

    That said, when we had an old doll house to decorate, we painted it with glue and covered the whole thing inside and out with glitter.

    I also really like MaryLea's mosaic idea!

  6. Bright colors! Use tooth brushes to create a stippled effect. Sponge paint. Use wall paper or contact paper scraps, stickers, or modge podge magazine cut-outs. Use tape to paint different stripes. Make a big gooey mess!

  7. Each room a different bright color! But whatever you do, I know it will be wonderful because you will let the kids take the lead and the result will be all theirs.

  8. I'd actually go with a very simple, unified color. Maybe a pretty buttery/lemony yellow. I like things to be simple and open-ended.

    I wouldn't do a THING with those wooden people though--they're as charming as can be.

  9. Thanks for your ideas everyone - I now have a lot to go from. I think we will make this a project for next term and I'll post pictures of the process and finished product when we are done. And Tom - totally with you on letting the kids free with the paint. Everything ends up either brown or grey when we do that!

  10. *Meninhera* I've just checked out your link and the houses are gorgeous - funky and full of character. Thanks for passing it along :)

  11. It is such a beauty like it is. I really think you should make a new one and place this somewhere in your home as a "Price" for making it trough motherhood and Teaching...don t ruin it, don t touch it!!!PLEASE...