Saturday, September 4, 2010

another week, another bushwalk

We would all miss out on beautiful bushwalking experiences if it weren't for our wonderful parents who volunteer to come along and share the fun.

Once at boat rock it is time to stop and enjoy a snack:

Or add some branches to the bush shelter:

(Pink frou frou skirts:  the discerning fashionista's bushwalking outfit of choice)

Or create some bush art:

and collect clay to take back to preschool:

To create bush clay scultpures:

or simply let it squish around in their hands:

Just another morning in the bush!


  1. What I wouldn't give to have a place to dig our own clay! The kids never believe me when I tell them it's just a special kind of dirt.

    There must be some place where we can go on a field trip to collect our own clay.

  2. I'm with Tom ... I may have to go up to Jamieson again very soon and dig myself up some good ol' bush clay ...
    whoops did I say for myself? ... Naturally I meant to say for the children at kinder ... wink! wink!
    Donna :) :)

  3. Bush clay!!! I wish we had some in CT!!!!! That is the coolest place!

  4. Wow playing with real clay!!! So eeky, squishy and fun! Great field trip!!

  5. In Truganina (West of Melbourne) our whole backyard was full of clay. It would cake onto our shoes making us inches taller. The plants struggled in the boggy soils, but we loved it. We've moved to the other side of town now but I'm sure a visit back to collect some from new estates in progress would yeild similar amounts.