Tuesday, August 10, 2010

we play: spies

Certain small secret agents (who cannot be named or their identities will be compromised!) were loosing our magnifying glasses at an alarming rate during their top secret missions outside.

In a bid to counteract the loss of precious magnifying glasses whilst continuing to equip our budding spies with the tools of their trade we decided to create spy glasses.

Our first protype for spy glasses involved simply taping together two cardboard tubes, and attaching a length of string to them so they could hang around the necks of our young spies. 

However our spies were unimpressed that the view through the glasses was the same as the view through their eyes, so we came up with coloured cellophane lenses. 

They were very happy to be looking at the world through rose (or green or yellow) coloured glasses.

A friendly warning:  If you visit our preschool and feel like you are being watched, you probably are!


  1. We are having secret agent spy week in 2 weeks - I am going to borrow those really cool colored glasses!

  2. My 5 year old still has her spy glasses she made at Kinder last year, two cardboard rolls with purple cellophane :D

    Maybe your children will discover an amazing adventure in their neighbourhood like the Secret Seven and Famous Five used to do :D

  3. I have a 2 resident spies and some nearby nephews who will be all over this project! Cue the 007 music . . .

  4. Hi Jenny!
    Thanks for your comment on my box post! It's wonderful to use a box for imaginative play, especially since you don't need to feel bad when the child gets tired of it and you can just recycle it!!

    I love the cellophane idea for the binoculars.

    You have a great blog that shares such simple and fun ideas for play! I'm jealous you live in Australia. I hope to vacation there someday because I've always loved koalas!
    Take care! Chels

    p.s. Sorry to write a reply on your blog but I was unable to locate an e-mail address.

  5. Too much fun. This post made me giggle.

  6. I was going to leave this message in a secret code, but didn't quite have time.

    To add to your spy activities and to hear secret messages from other spies then these talking tins are a lot of fun...

    Over and out from Secret Squirrel.

  7. I will be sure not to behave suspiciously! LOL

    And, yeah!! Something new to do with our (very small) collection of toilet rolls!! :D

  8. Love it! We did somethings similar with cellophane and toilet paper about a year ago, I should bring them out again. I remember he loved seeing everything a different color.

  9. You just can't beat colourful cellophane and a couple of cardboard tubes for some irresistible fun!
    I do LOVE the way you wrote this Jenny ... after all why should the children have ALL the fun ALL of the time!
    Donna :) :)

  10. That colored cellophane is just the right finishing touch. Great!

  11. Those are awesome and I am sure led to hours of great imagination play. Way better than store bought magnifying glasses!

  12. Love the spy goggles.
    You always do such creative, interesting things with your children.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Tuesday!

  13. Every time I read one of your posts I wish I could go to your school! This looks like such fun. I think we'll give this a try!

  14. I think we'll take on this spy project this week ourselves. Fun!

  15. We make these all the time, but I never thought of the colored lenses - super idea! Phoebe calls them her Eye-Spy glasses.

  16. Fantastic post. My B is crazy about playing secret agents as a 6.5 y.o. He packs a back pack gets a toy magnifying glass and spies on everyone from behind furniture. He often takes it outside and looks at bugs or people passing by our house.

  17. Hehehe...love them. Now what was the secret password again?

  18. Love the binoculars. You can download some secret spy missions and more at GrowingPlay