Wednesday, August 11, 2010

painting on circles at preschool

Foraging around in the storeroom I found a pile of circle shaped graph paper with a hole in the middle, just perfect for the 'painting around a hole' paintings I recently saw on the wonderful Artful Parent blog.

Although I think ours should be named "painting around a really really little hole" paintings!

One creative little soul suggested that the hole in the paper was ideal for threading:

And while the creative little soul quickly lost interest in the threading idea, at the end of the day I carried on and threaded all the paintings along with big wooden beads and hung them from our mosquito net canopy:

I think it makes a pretty nifty way to display the paintings.

I've also seen another really effective way of displaying round paintings over at Good and Happy Day:

Paper Garlands

What have you been painting on lately?


  1. Ag! I'm sure I could supply an entire preschool for an entire year by foraging my my store room.

    This, however, is a better find than I'm liable to turn up in mine!

  2. Gorgeous! Love how those turned out and how they were displayed!

  3. They look awesome. So colourful and vibrant. Such a brilliant art display to have.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. And Tom, our storeroom is kind of like the Bermuda Triangle. Things go into it, never to be seen again!

  5. Jenny they are really beautiful. I just love the way you threaded them up to display ... irresistible indeed! I also love the summery colours you used, they look fantastic but then again those photos look like you're experiencing some pretty fantastic weather at the moment ... spectacular looking day all around I'd say!
    Donna :) :)

  6. If you dared to look in my child's kinder store room you're likely to find all manners of ancient wonders, probably even the fossils of a dinosaur! These are gorgeous and the cherub and I will be doing these this morning!
    Thank you

  7. Love these ideas - we use shaped paper every now and then to connect with the shape that our month is for the birthday calendars, but I hadn't thought of holes inside the paper...and the beads are so interesting as a way to display them. :)

  8. Great mobiles and garlands. Neat twist on the art idea from the Artful Parent. I love her blog, too.
    So much creativity...just awesome!

  9. The school I work at uses similar paper with an old record player to spin the paper around. The children love using markers to make different spiral designs on the paper. It's mesmerising fun for all. I bet the upcycled deoderant bottles would be neat too!