Monday, August 9, 2010

cooking with vegetables from our own garden at preschool

We spent a magical morning harvesting, preparing, cooking and sharing food grown in our very own garden pod.

We had a bumper crop of spinach, celery and salad leaves.

Tubs of water were set up so the children could wash the individual leaves.

Celery was chopped into little pieces.

As was the spinach.

Ham was cut into small squares, and eggs were beaten into a basic quiche mix.

Muffin tins were greased and lined with bread.

In go the ingredients, and voila!  Mini spinach, ham and celery quiches:

The verdict: delicious!

The real value of having involving young children in the growing, preparing and sharing of food was bought home to me when one little Masterchef announced:
"It's a funny thing.  I never used to like celery, and now I do."
You can read about the benefits of providing these experiences for children but nothing beats seeing it in action.

If you would like more of our gardening exploits:


  1. Thanks Jenny, for reminding me about this recipe - I used to make it with my children when they were little..and congratulations to some great gardeners!

  2. What a fab post! I am reminded too of Stephanie Alexanders Kitchen Garden. I am inspired to try and do 'something'. I am in Dubai and the temperature outside average 45C and we are surrounded by sand, sand, sand - but we could put some seeds in big pots inside and see what happens. It would be absolutely wonderful for the children to grow some food. Thank you :)

  3. Very cool post! loved seeing the children prep the wggies. The mini quiches in the muffin cups look very tasty.
    Garden projects and children go hand in hand, don't they?
    We hae done two different gardens in the past: ABC garden and pizza garden! Not sure what we will do this year...
    Have a happy week,

  4. This is so cute. I can't wait to involve my kids in cooking. I bet they LOVE whatever they make.

  5. Oh what fun Jenny. That garden pod was a real winner ... great purchase! Cooking is probably our most popular activity at kinder and to think your children have been involved in the whole process of those quiche from the growing, preparing and eating is wonderful. Bless your little Masterchef for now liking celery ... some ones Mum is going to be very happy with you!
    Donna :) :)

  6. Louise: I've since made this at home for my boys and it was a big hit! We have been scratching our heads thinking of other simple recipes to use with the kids that involve spinach though.

    Shar Dean: OMG 45 degrees. I start wilting when it hits 30! And yes, very Stephanie Alexander. I admire her greatly. We have a kitchen garden happening at the school with weekly cooking classes that has my boys wanting to cook all the time at home. Can't complain!

    Colleen: A pizza garden sounds interesting - what did you grow?

    Kathy: It is fun. I cook with my boys a fair bit but I often have to take deep deep breathes about the mess!

    Sherry and Donna: Cooking is popular here too. I loved this one because it literally took the whole morning through to lunch time - some kids stayed the distance and others drifted in and out. I'd love you to post about your cooking :)

  7. Here in the US, school is about to start up again after summer break. It is a pleasure to catch up on all your posts. This year our school provocation is "The Story of Food."
    Your site will especially be a great resource as we grow, cook, eat and explore.
    Thanks for your continued posting.

  8. Yum! Those look delicious!

    And, my crew would be happy to come over to clean your car if you'll pay the fare! :)

  9. So rewarding growing your own veggies: ) My little Masterchef was heard saying, "I love lettuce more than Lily" (her bestest friend and cousin). Not likely but cute!

    We'll be looking to give those tasty treats a try once we have an oven. They look super simple.

  10. Oh I love what you've done here! Thanks for the inspiration!