Friday, August 13, 2010

nature play friday: 7 tips for playing in the wind

Welcome to Nature Play Friday

Playing outside whatever the weather provides children with many unique sensory experiences and arouses their sense of facination and wonder at the natural world. 

We've already played in the rain, so this week lets go outside and play in the wind.

1.  Lengths of floaty materials or scarves
Larger pieces of material work well for capes to billow in the wind.

2.  Blow bubbles in the wind

3.  Ribbons or streamers
Simple ribbon rings from Make and Takes

Alternatively you can cut 5cm wide metre lengths of ribbon or streams and use soft children's hair bands to attach them to the children's wrists.

3.  Go fly a kite
Make your own rainbow kite using streamers and paper plates

4.  Get out the parachute

5.  Make a wind tester

6.  Wind Chimes
These sweet wind chimes are from Buttons by Lou Lou

7.  Fabric Wind catchers
I've been dying to make some of these!

Do you have any tips to share?


  1. A lovely selection. Thank you for collating them :)

  2. I love the ripple effect of one good blog...Thanks! :)

  3. Such beautiful ideas.

  4. That long cape is really beautiful (and fun).

  5. Our school is located on the top of a ridge that can be buffeted by very strong winds coming off the Puget Sound. Sometimes we just take out all of our umbrellas and let them blow around the playground, but the parachute is the most fun.

    One day, when the wind was particularly swirling, I was holding the parachutes like a sail, letting if flap over the kids kind of like in your photo. That's when I had the "good" idea of letting it go, thinking the wind would carry it a few feet then drop it somewhere. Instead it sucked the parachute into the air, carried away over the top of our building in a flash, which is about 3 stories high, and it disappeared. Now parachutes are expensive and I didn't want to just lose it that way. I ran around to the parking lot on the other side of the building, and there it was hanging from the roof. Thankfully the next wind blew it down. I don't let it go any longer! =)

  6. We were just playing butterfly:

  7. We loved our wind streamers even when there was no wind! A friend suggested we add music to the fun next time & I think that's a great idea!

  8. More great ideas Jenny. Thanks! :) :)

    BTW Tom, I could have told you that would happen ... doofus! hee hee hee :)

    Donna :) :)

  9. Jenny, Thanks for sharing these great ideas we could use in this windy weather. We love to use our parachute but I really like the simple paper plate kites you mentioned. Will be creating these at our Mums on the GO sometime soon I think.

  10. ha! tom! i did the same thing. but i didn't mean to let it go. i just once again thought i'd be strong enough to hold on in prairie winds. nope.

    oh, good stuff here. thanks for featuring us.