Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creating a Mud Pie Kitchen Part 2

I went searching for inspiration for our new mud kitchen, and look what I found:

From Rhythm of the Home :: Creating a Mud Pie Kitchen

From Pepper Paints :: Our Mud Pie Kitchen

I'm inspired:  I love that it has a "hidden away" feel to it, and the pie tins tacked to the fence is a really homey touch.  This outdoor kitchen is truly an invitation to play.

From Ohdeedoh :: My Great Outdoor Kitchen

And then there are these inviting outdoor play kitchens that enterprising mamas have created in their homes for the little people in their world:

From Mama Rokas:

So much to think about!  I'll keep you posted.

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Do you have a mud pie kitchen that you'd like to share?


  1. I think your outdoor kitchen posts are amongst your best ever!

    For the wooden reel table, I'd advise asking your local telecommunications company/area office. I think they are used for telephone cables. They come in a variety of sizes too!

  2. Oh my, oh my!! I haven't been this inspired by a post in a while :-) I love the tins on the fence. That's definitely something we could do. And I love the rustic simplicity of most of these mud kitchens. Very achievable.

  3. hello... i subscribe to your posts... i found this particularly inspiring but i wanted to comment to thank you for your daily posts to which i have never comments but LOVE- i look forward to this arriving in my inbox. as a parent and a playgroup coordinator i have gotten so many ideas from you. thank you thank you

  4. What a great collection of inspiring pics - and on such an important subject - our children love cooking, food, hospitality, socialising, role play, potions...the list goes on, and all with mud or sand as the basic ingredient! Sadly though, I just can't find one of those old wooden reels anywhere - they tell me that now they are returned to the company or made out of plastic or never as big (Can't believe the latter...) Would love to hear that someone has sourced one!
    thanks, Jenny!

  5. Thanks for sharing all of the cool mud pie kitchen ideas.
    I had seen the one that Ginny from Small Things had posted over at Rhythm of the Home and thought that it was great.
    Love seeing all of the other ones, too...very inspiring!
    We would haave to either use a bag of potting soil or else revise and do it with sand.
    Maybe I will try to help my children make a sandy beach version...hmmm.....
    Have a great day!

  6. Your blog is what every child ( and adult!) needs! Just wonderful!

    I awarded you a Verstaile Blogger award. It is your choice whether to play or not, but I still wanted to include you in the blogs that most inspire me and that I want to share with others.

    happy day!

  7. Back to the table reel

    If your town or local government has a recycling officer they may be able to assist. We have a growth of "scrapstores" for businesses who want to dump items they think others can use.

    I've managed to source them from telephone exchanges in the past for 2 different grounds projects, but it could be they've been replaced as I've not tried sourcing one for several years.

  8. those big wooden reels come from the electric company or any company that uses cable. (at least that's what they used when my kids were little!) perhaps rural PA is/was different from other parts of the country....but these spools were often used for tables or even a 'bar' back in the old 'hippie' and college days! They actually come in all sizes...probably depending on the size of cable. i'm currently a nanny residing in CT and spending the summer, working in ME. love your blog!

    Lindy @

  9. Hi Jenny! This is SUCH an inspiring post. The best thing about all of these kitchens is the variety -- it's refreshing to see all of the creative ideas that get away from plugging toy and school supply kitchens into the home or school. And thanks for sharing the tree stump sources. There's a great spot in front of our local children's museum that is essentially a spiral stump path, and it's an endless source of entertainment for all of the kids who stop there. Can't wait to find us some tree stumps!

  10. I am finding inspiration from you!
    Linked to you at my post today, so thank you for sharing your amazing ideas and the ones that you have found from other people that inspire you!

  11. Lindy: thanks for your kind comments about the blog and the tips about finding the reels/spools. Let you know how I go.

    abbie: I'm glad you enjoyed the post. That's what I love about blogging - so many ideas around there to share (and thanks for the link too!)

    Rachelle: I agree. They look so much more inviting that the bought ones, and I think it is always more rewarding to reuse/recycle. It brings out the creative in you!

    Juliet: What did I do before you? I can always count on you for the good ideas. I'm going to ring around when I have a moment to breathe!

    Marcia: Sorry to say that I absolutely crap at awards, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate them. I always get a little thrill - its great just to know someone is actually reading the thing!

    Colleen: I can see this absolutely working just as well with sand - perfect next to a sandpit. We often set up a kitchen in the sandpit and the kids love it.

    Louise: I'm going to search one out and I'll let you know.

    Cath: Aww thanks. I bet you end up making one of your own - I've been thinking it doesn't even have to be a mud kitchen, but just a general outdoor kitchen would be tippy tops too.

    Res: Thanks so much for your lovely comment - I'm glad you are enjoying the blog.

  12. They are all so lovely. So much good inspiration. Thank you for sharing :-)

  13. You're a treasure Jenny. This information is brilliant! Don't you just wish you could be five years old again?!
    Donna :) :)

  14. Inspiring!

    Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog and passed on an award to you. :)

  15. I agree with Juliet. These are such inspiring posts! My brain has been working overtime to figure out how to create better/more dramatic play opportunities in our small outdoor space. I . . . Think . . . I . . . Can . . . Just . . . . Wedge . . . A . . . Mud . . . Pie . . . Kitchen . . . In . . . Somewhere!

  16. Thanks for the link!! I have been loving/reading/lurking on your blog for a while so I am very flattered that you found mine! I taught pre-school in my former Mom life-I love looking at environments and setting things up at our house. Thanks!

  17. Swoon...

    I'm also inspired!

    And I'm very lucky - my grandma has just left my kids a load of stainless steel pots and pans that will be perfect for playing with in the garden. I can't wait to get started!

  18. What an inspiring post! I have looked at it and shared it so many times! Great collection of outdoor kitchens. I started picking up tidbits for ours at yardsales this weekend. I know that if we make it more inviting and natural it will get used more than the plastic little tikes kitchen we use now. Thank you for sharing and collecting so much inspiration!

  19. Jenny-

    I scored a couple of those great wooden spools today! I can't wait to get them in place and do an update on our kitchen! The local Menard's had a few that they were selling for $2 each! I can't tell you how excited I am :).

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  22. For those giant wooden spools, talk to construction and iron working (welding/roofing) companies, most just trash them, also paint ball fields usually keep the giant 6 foot in diameter ones, but theyll tell u where to get som small, child sized, ones