Tuesday, August 3, 2010

creating a mud pie kitchen part 1

Our new dirt patch is now a mud patch thanks to days of rain.

The mud patch has been a hive of activity, with lots of excavation involving shovels, big trucks and buckets on pulleys and the odd bit of mud surfing.

One thing we haven't seen much of is cooking, so we decided to create a permanent mud kitchen right next to our mud patch:

Hopefully our mud kitchen will not only encourage dramatic play but also allow for the messy, creative and sensory experiences that are difficult to provide indoors.

We used bits and pieces we already had at preschool to create our mud kitchen:

A path of tree cookies leading from the mud patch to the kitchen and a couple of wooden pallets:

A cut down sink that was donated by one of our lovely parents:

A play stove:

Pots, pans, muffin tins, and big sturdy spoons:

Milk crates hooked to the gazebo to store cooking props so they are always on hand:

This is the bare bones.  I hope that our mud kitchen will evolve as we observe how the children play with it, and think of new resources to source and add.

I'm just longing for a lot of wooden stumps....anybody?

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Over to you:  Do you have an outdoor play kitchen that you would like to share?


  1. Love it I almost wish it would rain here now so we can go mud surfing and swim/splash in the puddles.


  2. Mud kitchens are so much fun!

  3. Oh yes, wooden stumps would be great Jenny. The kindy we visited today had some and the kids were playing with mud in that area. They were set up in a circle. It seemed to be a much loved part of the yard. Love your mud kitchen.

  4. Good stump sources include:
    1) Tree surgeons
    2) Ranger services - who manage woodland areas. They can provide sticks too.
    3) For a small fee, a local sawmill might supply stumps that are sanded down and delivered direct to your doorstep
    4) Putting a callout to parents - if any have trees on their property or in their garden that they plan to chop down.

    I'm very lucky to be married to a forester.

  5. This is going to be a big hit Jenny I just know it ... a permanent place to make all those irresistible mud pies ... YUM!
    As for tree stumps, we got ours from a tree lopper. We find they are usually very accommodating ...
    all you need to do is ask!
    Donna :) :)

  6. Thanks for the tips guys. We have no excuse to be stump-less now! I think they would make great cooking surfaces, seats and we could use them to define the area more clearly.

  7. This is awesome! You have inspired me. I think my daughter and I might play in the mud tomorrow morning!

  8. Aw man! Why didn't I think of this! It's perfect. I'm dragging our indoor drama stuff outside tomorrow. Thank you!

  9. Jenny,

    Great ideas and links.
    I mentioned you and your blog in my post today:

    Have a nice day today,

  10. Some beautiful children's kitchens, it's amazing how children can create an entire kitchen setting on their own.

  11. Some beautiful children's kitchens, it's amazing how children can create an entire kitchen setting on their own.

  12. Jenny, I was out of pocket for a week and come back to discover what you've been up to! Your kitchen is great!

  13. This is dying for the addition of (during indoor time) the book "mud pies and other recipes" to be read to the children. I can't find a copy online as it's an old out of print book but it is fabulous! It covers things like "dandilion souffle" and "roasted rocks" and using egg cartons as mini muffin tins...

  14. The dirtier the better. I love Mudd Pies

  15. I've just discovered your amazing blog. Thank you so much! I'm so inspired!

  16. I love your mud kitchen. I am curious if you put something on the wooden kitchen to protect it from the elements or do you cover it after each use? We have an old wooden set I would love to put outside but am not sure how it will fair outside. Thanks for any suggestions:)