Thursday, August 12, 2010

Creating a mud pie kitchen, simply

Pip from the wonderful blog Worms Eye-View was inspired by our mud pie kitchen to create her own mud pie kitchen for her two boys.

Thank you Pip for sharing with us your beautiful images and tips.


Today with a little help from family and my lovely boys, we created a Mud Pie Kitchen!
Kenzie spent the last few weeks at Pre-School last month, mixing up potions and mud pies in the garden. He started to do this at home as well but we really didn't have the stuff to fully engage him in this and it was a little frustrating for him. 

After reading a lovely post last week Let the children play , I had been thinking about where I could add this fun space to our garden. 
Sunday mornings are Car boot sale day in our little village and i found so may bargains this morning! Lots of very nice wooden items, animals and some beads and buttons. But i also found everything i needed for the Mud Pie Kitchen. All at great prices. 
£3 for a jam making pan, £1.40 for a plastic stacking basket thing and one stall was selling everything for 10p!! so i had wooden spoons and forks, little silver cups and plates, a tall pot, a wooden carving to hang on the wall..... it was clearly meant to be. 
I am so pleased with how it turned out. Brendan helped hammer things to a piece of wood for the cooker hob buttons and i drew some circles on the wood to make the hob rings.
The boys spent the whole afternoon enjoying this new space and making soups and mud pies. They gathered up the Tomato plant cuttings, stray tomatoes and blueberries that fell from the bush, weeds from the veg bed and anything else they could forage from the garden.

Kenzie practiced some cutting with his scissors cutting up his Tomato plants to put in his soup.

All this fun for a few pounds!!! Would love to hear about your Mud Pie Kitchens if you have one.... or if you decide to make one!!

Guest Blogger Bio:  Pip from Worms Eye View
I am a mother of 2 boys! I also Childmind for lots of little people and LOVE my job! We spend a lot of time outside, enjoying all Nature has to share with us, going for walks, visiting the local farm animals in the fields and stopping at the park for a play! I can not imagine doing any other job! This blog is a little insight in to what we do each day, life as a mother and life as a Childminder. I will focus on more natural play activities, LOTS of Art projects and occasionally touch on Living with Autism in your family as my eldest son has Aspergers.
And if you haven't had enough of outdoor play kitchens yet, head on over to Squiggle Mum where Catherine's girls have been busy getting dirty in their new outdoor kitchen. 


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  2. I love all of the inspiration!!! We definitely caught the Mud Pie Kitchen Madness here too! I posted earlier this week, linking up to your blog with the start of our kitchen!

    Thank you for continuing to inspire and bring in other folks to share too!

  3. This is really starting to aggravate me! I really want one, but my last good spot was taken over today by something else the kids wanted to do . . . I'm going to try to figure it out, though, I promise. This idea is too good to leave overseas. I must import it to American shores! =)

    I like this version, Pip. Thanks for sharing here!

  4. Great photos! That soup looks fantastic. I love that the kids got to help with the design and making of the stove too.

    Thanks for the shout out Jenny!

  5. I often complain about being under-resourced but really, this demonstrates that with imagination and children, anything can be anything. Thank you :)

  6. This is a super example of the fun that can be had - the photos say it all. Long live outdoor mud kitchens.

  7. wow, that looks like so much fun :). I look forward to having a garden in future then we can do this sort of thing. Maybe we'll go take a bucket down to the beach some day soon and see what we can make.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog


  8. Nice mud pie kitchen, Pip! Cool to have a guest blogger, Jenny.
    We still want to to do a sandy version of mud pies soon.
    Jenny, I am going to try to send you some armadillo den and hopefully some armadillo photos soon.
    Have a great day today,

  9. I love the improvised kitchen and the resulting fun. Everyone needs one of these.

  10. I agree with Scott ... EVERYONE needs one of these! Lovely post Pip ... it looks like 'delicious' fun!
    Donna :) :)

  11. Thanks for posting this Jenny!!! It's my first time as a guest blogger!! Feeling a bit special!!

    Also thanks to everyone for reading and all your kind words!! I always love meeting new readers so please do pop across and make yourselves known!!


  12. Oh my I'm jealous! I love this...I'm going to put my thinking cap on and see if I can re-create something like this for my a frugal way!Thanks for sharing!!

  13. I love this version so much -- it's simple and cheap, and really cute too. I've been following your mud pie kitchen posts, and like Teacher Tom, I promise that I too will find a way to build one soon.