Sunday, August 8, 2010

making mud pies

We've had dirt patches, mud patches, mud kitchens and outdoor kitchens. 

Now we can get down to the fun stuff and get out hands dirty making mud pies!

Adding different resources to your mud pie kitchen can extend play, build on interests, and have the children in your life cooking up a storm. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started (all of these would work just as well for dramatic play with sand, pebbles, gravel or wood chips):

Things to cook with

Pots, pans, cooking tins
Large metal or plastic bowls
Cooking utensils (the sturdier the better!)
Recycled containers 
Recipe cards, pencils, recipe box
Cook books
Canisters to hold different kinds of dirt 
Drainer for dishes
Sifter, colander
Towels, dishrags, pot holders
Spice shakers
Condiment Containers

Mud Pie Ingredients

How about filling assorted spice shakers and condiment containers with found items such:

crushed eggshells
dried coffee grounds
dried and ground orange peel
crushed leaves

Or taking the children on foraging trips to gather natural ingredients:

pine cones
stones of various sizes
coloured leaves

Or experiment with colour in the cooking by adding:

bottles of coloured water
crushed coloured eggshells
coloured glass pepples
coloured sand

Or experiment with smell by adding a selection of fresh herbs.

Happy cooking!


  1. These are such wonderful posts Jenny and like I said before, you've filled my head.

    But I noticed something in your first pic . . . there on the ground. I have a HUGE set of those same blocks buried deeply within one of my storage closets. I'd forgotten all about them. Ahh! I need to get them outdoors!

    Double thanks!

  2. Thanks to your insperation and an artical i read i have today created our own Mud Pie Kitchen!!
    I will be blogging about it tonight if you fancy popping across to read!

    I will be looking in to adding some of your extras to spice things up a bit!!
    Thanks for the fun

  3. "Mud pies are never fattening, and always memorable."
    Now that quote Jenny is brilliant. I should stick that one up outside. I reckon any parent would be inspired to get down and dirty with their children if they saw that!
    Thanks for sharing all your irresistible ideas Jenny!
    Donna :) :)

  4. You make me want to get the kis back outside despite EEE mosquitoes and a neweborn in tow...

    We gave you an award for your inpiration at


  5. We loved making mud cakes for our forest fairies last month. You've shared some wonderful ways to expand on a simple idea. Love it!

  6. My kids have had such fun this weekend making mud pies and dirt cakes in their outdoor kitchen - thanks to you!

  7. Pip - I've left a comment on your post. Your kitchen looks amazing!

    Cath - Did you take photos?

    Debi - Mud cakes for Forest Fairies - I love the sound of that.

    Martianne - I'm thrilled with the award, but have to admit to being hopeless at them. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog!

    Tom: when is your head never spinning?

  8. i am creating my own mud pie kitchen... slow to start, but other teachers are now supporting the incredible need. it's all for the chilren! thanks so much for all you do and post, and i share your site often. xoxo


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