Monday, August 30, 2010

land art for kids

Have you heard of Richard Shilling?  Have you heard of Land Art? 

Richard Shilling is a land artist who not only creates amazing sculptures from natural materials: he also encourages children to get outside and do the same through his Land Art for Kids website and Land Art for Kids books.

Our preschoolers haven't heard of Richard Shilling or Land Art - but we are thrilled that they have begun to use the natural materials in our local bushland to create their own works of art that they call "bush art".

Here are some pictures of their latest bush art, along with words from Richard Shilling's website:

By spending the time making Land Art you will use your imagination, be creative, get some fresh air and learn all about nature and natural places.

Land Art really can be done anywhere. Any place that you can find natural things like leaves, twigs, stones or pebbles is a suitable place to do Land Art.

There is worry for the safety of our children and many are denied much of the adventure of the outdoors, to climb trees and to learn all about nature and instead many are leading sedentary lifestyles in front of a computer game or the TV.
With land art comes opportunities to learn about nature, to appreciate it's wonders, to learn respect for it and our place within.

This is exactly what a great many of us do naturally, kids and adults alike, and by behaving in this way you get a better connection with nature, more appreciation of the natural world, calmness from the connection, fun, creativity and play too! What's not to like!
If you would like to find out more about land art for kids, here are some posts from fabulous bloggers:

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  1. Great post. Thanks for the introduction to "land art". When we go on hikes we use build cairns (you know little rock standings).
    I'm excited to learn more about this guy!

  2. Land art seems to come so naturally to children. My soon to be four year old will often pick up a few leaves, pebbles, etc and make a face, a "sculpture" (as she calls it) or try and construct a letter with twigs.

    I am going to find out more about this author and his book. I think there would be some fascinating pictures in this book.

    Those potato slinkies would be a massive hit in our house. The children that attend your preschool sure do get exposed to so many diverse and awesome experiences. They are going to have wonderful memories of their fabulous preschool days.

  3. Thanks for the link love.
    We are very much into building sculptures with rocks at the moment (well, I am anyway) - similar to cairns that School Time Adventures mentions, but in miniature.

  4. Thanks for the links and pics - do you know Andy Goldsworthy's art - exciting - but this is defintely more accessible. :)

  5. We've been doing this kind of thing forever, but didn't really know what to call it! Love the post and the creativity!

  6. We tend to have more rocky beaches here than sandy ones. One of my favorite rocky beach activities is rock stacking. We build towers as tall as we can, balancing the rocks carefully, then sit back and watch the tide come in and encircle our towers until the fall. Such a great way to spend a lazy afternoon!

    This is one of my favorite land artists:

  7. Hi Jenny

    Did you manage to get copies of Richard's books? I tried a few months ago and for love nor money couldn't seem to suss the system.

    So for other's interested, then I'd recommend any of Andy Goldworthy books and his DVD "River's & Tides" Yes I'm biased, the guy lives in Scotland and he kind of made the whole thing fashionable in the Eighties!

    Oh and to shamelessly plug my own blog - there's a wee post on art with rocks and links to the World Beach project

  8. Oh I love this. It's just the inspiration I needed for my "Nature at Our School" science theme I have going. Thanks! Amie

  9. Ooh I love a bit of land art myself. I get very excited about sticks ... i know it's odd but they're just so beautiful to me ... and rocks ... i LOVE rocks. Yeah land art is right up my ally. Thanks for this one jenny

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    We've been doing this type of factor permanently, but didn't really know what to contact it! Really like the publish and the creativity!

  11. richard is the best

    great post thanx for sharing