Wednesday, August 25, 2010

fairy gardens and fairy shelters

"I want to make a fairy garden" whispered a little voice in my ear.

So we gathered up some friends and some baskets and took to the bush to hunt for materials.

Our baskets soon filled with leaves, flowers, stones and seeds.

How could we 'plant' the flowers in our fairy garden?

A quick hunt in the pile of junk (sorry: potentially useful bits and pieces) around the side of the preschool unearthed a spare tray for the worm farm (think large round sieve).

The holes were a perfect fit for planting:

Everyone worked together to create a magical garden for the fairies:

Next came the fairy houses - small shelters built from sticks the children gathered just outside our gate:

We wove foliage from a Jasmine plant in amongst the sticks and everyone agreed that these were pretty fine shelters indeed.

So fine that once the fairies had moved out the trucks moved in.
Out with the fairy shelters and fairy garden.
In with the garages.

(There are some magical images of fairy gardens over at Magic Onions)


  1. Your fairy gardens are always the best.

  2. What a beautiful experience, and beautiful end product. I'm sure your resident fairies will be pleased.

  3. Oh you've got to love a fairy garden Jenny ... and one that is swiftly converted to house the big wheeled vehicles ... even better! IRRESISTIBLE as usual!
    Donna :) :)
    P.S. I LOVE that worm farm tray ... just perfect!

  4. Planning a fairy and fairy house making birthday party for a family through my work! So excited to see what these little girls will come up with. And even more excited for the hours I get to spend collecting and planning for the event!

  5. Your fairies are going to be quite spoiled with such a lovely garden and house!!