Saturday, July 10, 2010

weaving activities for young children

I don't know what it is about string, tape, wool or rope but our preschoolers seem to have an innate urge to wrap the world up in the stuff.  I've been thinking that weaving projects would be an ideal way to channel this energy and interest.

Yesterday I showed you an example of weaving outdoors on a pretty impressive scale.  Today I thought I'd share some other examples of weaving for preschoolers that I have been collecting.

Web Making

Room Weaving

Individual Weaving
using chicken wire frames

Spider Web Weaving
using twigs and branches

A Weaving Frame
I'm sure this wouldn't be too difficult to make.

Twig Weaving

Nature Weaving
Head on over to Child in Harmony for step by step instructions

Have you and your children enjoyed any similar experiences that you could share?


  1. Oh wow Jenny, I want to do all of these ... they're all incredible ... I just need to figure out where start?!
    Donna :) :)

  2. Your students always amaze me and so do you. I love how you really do give your students time to create:)

  3. I have tried, and failed, many times to get my kids interested in weaving. It's always interesting to me to learn what "fads" spring up in different preschools, then get carried forward year-to-year by institutional memory (or something). Everything at our school right now -- boys and girls -- is either superheroes or glue guns.

    You've inspired me to give weaving another go. I'll keep you posted!

  4. Jenny...Thanks for sharing this cache of great ideas. I've been thinking about starting a weaving project, and this is the perfect boost.

  5. They all look like so much fun. Yet another thing to add to the 'To Do' list over the holidays.
    Your links are inspiring - thanks so much for collating them all.

  6. Two kinds of weaving last week: web and weaving with cardboard! =)

  7. These are just awesome! I've never thought about weaving with my children. Great idea!