Friday, July 30, 2010

Nature Play Friday: 15 tips for rain play

Welcome to Nature Play Friday!

Playing in the rain is loads of fun and offers unique opportunities for learning. 

Here are some tips for must-have resources and experiences to inspire or extend children's exploration of the rain:

1.  Waterproof clothing, gumboots and umbrellas

2.  Chalk for drawing around puddles

3.  Collections of absorbent and non absorbent materials

4.  Child-sized brooms for sweeping puddles

5.  Rain Drawing
From Teacher Tom

6.  Small containers or corks to make boats to float in puddles

7.  Pop up tents
It is such fun to shelter in the rain and listen to the rain fall onto the tent.

8.  Different shaped containers for collecting and measuring rainfall

9.  Plastic sheeting or tarpaulin for creating waterproof shelters

10.  Plastic sheeting painting in the rain (so that the colours run and mix)
11.  Sponges, decorator’s brushes and rollers

12.  Unbreakable mirror – watch the raindrops land on it

13.  Wet weather gear and magnifying glasses
What bugs come out in the rain?
14.  Washing up liquid and food colouring for colourful ‘bubble puddles’

15.  Guttering and plastic tubing to channel and collect rain

As Teacher Tom says, rain makes everything more fun!

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  1. What a fabulous list! Thanks for posting it; I've got some new ideas for our next rainy day.

  2. Great list! Almost makes me wish there were rain in our future. Almost. :o)

  3. I'm going to have to remember this post for when the rains return in a month or so. Right now, I'm quite happy with sun, thank you very much!

    But it's true, rain makes everything more fun!

  4. Oh Jenny I can hear the rain dripping from the gum trees and smell that beautiful scent you can only smell when it rains in the Aussie bush as I read this wonderful post .. but as I look out the window all I see is blue skies and brilliant sunshine ... how disappointing!
    Donna :) :)

  5. I have to say, it makes me happy to see children playing in the rain. It can be a scandalous thing for some parents over here! LIl man and I love to play in the rain!

  6. We love playing in the rain and you have given me so many great ideas!

  7. Rainy days sure are fun, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  8. Linked up to this post today!
    Thanks for all the great inspiration. Hoping some rainy day we will have more time to try out all these great ideas.