Friday, July 23, 2010

10 tips for making bushwalking fun for kids

Welcome to Nature Play Friday:

A place to discover fun ways to get your kids playing in and with nature.

Do you ever find it hard to get your kids enthused about going on a bushwalk? 

Often putting a more playful spin on things can help to entice reluctant young bushwalkers out into the great outdoors. 

Here are a few tips that have worked for us:

1.  Lets take our big trucks into the bush!

With hills to run them down, rocks to fill them up with and water to push them through - this is always a big hit. 

2.  Lets go exploring with binoculars!

Whether the real deal or homemade, binoculars help children to focus in on a specific area and to hold still, as well as to develop observational skills.  

Nature for Kids shows you how to make your own:

3.  Lets go exploring with magnifying glasses! 

The bush is filled with things for kids to explore – twigs, leaves, pine cones, rocks, grass, dirt, and nuts. And exploring is more fun with a magnifying glass!  They certainly came in handy when we were hunting for ants for our new ant farms:

  4.  Lets go on an adventure in the rain!

Let's face it, going out in the rain is pretty irresistible to young children.

5.  Let's have a bush picnic!

6.  Let's make a bush cubby!

7.  Let's go on a treasure hunt!

Don't forget to take along your treasure bags to carry those oh-so-precious collections.

8.  Let's go bug hunting!

A perennial favorite - Active Kids Club has some great ideas about what to bring along.

9.  Let's go rock climbing / jumping!

10.  Let's build fairy houses!

I just discovered this fabulous site full of all things fairy-house related.

For more ideas you might like to head on over to one of my favorite blogs, The Grass Stain Guru for 10 Tricks to get Kids Outdoors.

Happy trails!

Over to you.  What do you like to do with the children when out and about in nature?


  1. Ooo, taking the big trucks along is a brilliant idea. I sometimes forget about dramatic play outdoors. And their transportation method is really something! I wonder what else could be carried that way?

  2. I really must find a nice area of bush to explore near where we live, thank you once again for your amazing inspiration.

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again Jenny ... "Your children are soooooo lucky!"
    Donna :) :)

  4. Looks like boys love playing with their trucks outside as well.
    Cute idea for binoculars, too...Am gonna have to share that with them and see if they would like to make some as well...will link to you when they make them.
    Have a happy weekend:)

  5. You have so many wonderful outdoor places to explore there! I am envious:)

  6. Hello! Here is a small award for your blog!

    Your blog is so interesting(I have 4 children aged 0-5 years)!

    I invite you to discover my blog:

    (you can translate in English because I'm French from Quebec)

  7. I think we do ALL of those activities :-) Yep, all of 'em.