Monday, July 19, 2010

a dirt patch at preschool

I wrote about our plans for creating a dirt patch at preschool.  The children helped us to select a site, brainstorm ideas and draw up plans.

Well folks, one truck load of dirt later and our dream of dirt is now a reality!

Basically the truck just drove on in and dumped a big old load of dirt.  Unfortunately, it happened out of hours so our kids couldn't join in the excitement as they did when we took delivery of a new load of sand.

We have put a temporary edging around the patch using tyres, logs and tree cookies.  

The dirt patch is the new 'in' place. 

A hive of activity with trucks, spades, wheelbarrows and buckets.  The kids have been moving planks and tree cookies in as well to add to their play.

When the weather didn't oblige us by raining, we added our own water to get some mud play happening:

Inspired by Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning and Teacher Tom, we have been rigging up pulley systems to transport the dirt and mud:

The children have been digging, making roads and bridges, making mud, filling, transporting, imagining, creating, working together, solving problems, overcoming construction obstacles proving once again that the simplest things in life are often the best!

This post has some useful ideas for those of you who might be interested in introducing dirt play at home or in an early childhood setting, as well as some tips about creating your own patch of dirt.

Do you have a dirt patch?


  1. Another AMAZINGLY simple, sweet, and brilliant idea! In the short time I have been following your blog, you have inspired me numerous times. I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your creativity and for sharing your ideas with me, so that my little ones can experience the fun and love that inspired your activities. I am giving out 15 blogger awards and you are on my list. Visit my site to see it and to give out awards yourself.

  2. Jenny, I love how you've created the dirt patch right there in the middle of the grass. Your children are going to have a ball with this ... and just wait until the rain DOES come .... heeeehaaaaa!!
    Donna :) :)

  3. Weee! I'm there! I've got my pail and shovel and I'm hopping on the next flight Down Under. =)

    I love how you let the children decide where the dirt patch would be located, and I hope you chose a very sturdy bucket for the pulley rig. We've had the handles break off at least 3 of them by now! The kids have finally given up and converted our pulley conveyor into a "zip line."

    I can't wait to see how your dirt patch evolves as the kids and the elements take it over. Send 'em home dirty!

  4. Cool dirt patch! Cool blog! Glad I came upon it today. Signed up as a subscriber. My boys love to play outside...and inside, too:)

  5. Dirt and trucks and mud and buckets. Who could ask for more? Your dirt pile looks great!