Thursday, July 15, 2010

i love the way their minds work

What do you do:

When you don't have sleeping bags at preschool?
ou improvise:

When you don't have bunk beds at preschool? 

You improvise:

When you don't have a waterslide at preschool? 

You improvise:

When you don't have a drum kit at preschool? 

You improvise: 

I love the way their minds work!


  1. Hi Jenny, I chance upon your blog and I have been following it ever since. I was previously a preschool educator in tropical Singapore but I have since stopped teaching as I am currently pursuing my studies in music.

    During my free time I still enjoy reading and looking up on ideas and resources from amazing educators like yourself.

    I would either repost the articles and ideas or at times use the photos from the articles within my blog posts. I started my own humble little preschool blog as a site for a small pool of educator friends who has shared me that their hectic teaching schedule does not permit them to look up for ideas and inspiration to really improve their teaching.

    So I thought it is only right that I get your permission to repost and share some of your fabulous ideas with my teacher friends. :)

    Keep all the great ideas and updates coming! The fun that beams in the children's faces exudes such warmth and love!


  2. I'm starting to think like them, Jenny. Donna just posted about her Wheelies and my first thought was, "I wonder if we could just make those?"

  3. I agree with Tom, I think one of the signs of being in pre-school is:

    - Singing nursery rhymes and other little songs to yourself as you go about the house
    - Looking at any object and its play (and improvisation) value)

  4. Jenny the meaning of improvise is "To make or provide from available materials".
    It is through your passion for providing all theses wonderful "loose parts" that gives your children the unconditional permission to play in this way. What lucky children they are!
    Donna :) :)

    ::: Tom ... someone left a comment on "irresistible Ideas" this morning predicting you would tinker away on your own version of a 'wheelie'! :)

  5. They are so inspiring and creative. I'm often amazed at what happens when kids get to thinking.

    (And I've also begun thinking, "How can I make/use that in the room?")