Tuesday, July 27, 2010

creating a window collage

Did you see the pretty window collage on the wonderful Filth Wizardry blog?  

I was inspired to do something similar with the children at preschool.

The first step was to cut and/or tear different colours of tissue paper.

We used our clear perspex easel instead of a window.

Different kids arrived at different times and added their tissue paper to the easel. 

I had envisioned (a la filth wizardry) that the easel would be completely covered like this:

But the children had other ideas. 

They carried over other collage materials and added them to the mix:

Although it didn't turn into a stained glass window it still succeeded as a communal collage experience - and this week it will turn into a communal washing up experience!


  1. This is hilarious, Jenny. We've been working on exactly the same thing, although ours is a storm window I turned into an "easel" like yours a few years ago. We've got it about halfway covered and tomorrow we're adding "shapes" (e.g., suns, stars, moon, triangles, lightening bolts, etc.).

    We're back on the same wavelink, I think! =)

  2. I love how they took your expectations, and then just went somewhere else with it!

    It looks like they all had a great time creating, do you have a picture of the entire finished work?

  3. OF COURSE, the perspex easel!!! I saw this activity and wondered how to do it at kinder, the trouble being our windows are so large I envisaged little bits of tissue paper here, there and everywhere but we could use our perpex easel and keep it nicely contained for full effect.

    Sometimes Jennifer I wonder where my head is!
    Donna :) :)

  4. Tom - we do seem to be sharing the same headspace. I just wish some of your prowess with tools would rub off on me.

    Donna - we hadn't used our perspex easel for so long noone was quite sure where it was!

    Homage - it is still a work in progress. I'll put up a picture when it is done - and maybe some pics of the cleaning up process (I hope it comes off easily!)

  5. We are so doing this tomorrow! I have the perfect window and lots of cellophane and flour paste. The window is in the middle of our forest wall and we've been thinking about how to put a tree up there, they can use lots of green and have coloured flowers. Or they could just do whatever they want :)

  6. I've been dying to do one of those windows since seeing her post! She has remarkable children, I think, that they want to cover ever inch of space in all their projects. My girls are content with a light smattering and then calling it quits. :)

  7. I loved the orignial post too...we went shopping purchased glue pens and we have plenty of paper BUT I'm a little scared of doing it on a home window. When telling the shop assistant in the craft store of my plans he was horrified and was very concerned of the paper running and staining. I don't mind but if daddy comes home half way through I think he too would be freaked!
    Maybe I'll put it up my sleave for when I return to the world of pre-school and do it on the persperx easle too.
    Will wait to see the finished product and clean up project ;)

  8. Nice to find a use for the perspex easel that my lot got over fairly quickly, thanks!...but I was wondering if you had found a source in Australia for those special pens/textas to write/draw on stones that were mentioned over at Creative Star learning?

  9. Neat post! Did you make the perspex easel or did you purchase it?
    Once you use the easel like that, would it be something that you will eventually take down and let them recreate on it?
    I am not familiar with perspex, so please forgive me for asking these questions...but I am very curious as to how to make one...we have an IKEA store here and I can totally picture making one, but want to know what I might be getting myself into...
    Thanks again for sharing. Love what thy come up with...isn't it something how children can surprise you with their take on projects?
    :) Colleen

  10. What a great adaptation to the idea on Filth Wizardry. I'm so anxious to see the final result.

    Since my canvas painting experiences, I've been looking for more communal ideas - art that can be added to over time. This may become just what I'm looking for.

  11. There's something so lovely about communal experiences. So much co-operation, talking, negotiation and getting along. The communal clean up is a great idea too.

  12. Muma Papparazzi: Our tissue paper didn't run when we stuck it on, but I haven't tried to remove it yet so will let you know how we go.

    Colleen: ours was from an educational suppliers:


    but I know that you can get perspex cut to size. I'm not sure how expensive it is though. We actually don't use ours that much - we tend to forget about it but they are useful for finger painting etc.

    Louise: sorry, no luck on the Deco Art Pens. Can't seem to find where we could get them in Aus.