Friday, July 9, 2010

communal weaving project in the great outdoors

Our preschoolers love of creating giant spiders webs with tape, string and wool.

So when I visited Hurstbridge Learning Co-op, and  saw this masterpiece of weaving I knew it was something we would have to try.

The woven walls actually enclose a secret space, with logs arranged around a campfire. 

If you step in closer you will notice a whole lot of different types of weaving going on:

using trees and logs and wooden frames:

Truly a communal, dynamic and evolving project of an impressive size and scope.  

If you would like more on weaving activities with children:


  1. This is truly impressive, Jenny. Just WOW!

  2. Such as great communal project - and one that continues to change as the kids get involved. I guess I just need to find a big open space somewhere and set up shop.

  3. Oh Man we gotta try this!
    Donna :) :)

  4. We did this recently with our homeschool co-op. Genius idea!