Monday, June 14, 2010

this is my rock

This is my Rock
by David McCord

This is my rock
And here I run
To steal the secret of the sun;

This is my rock
And here I come
Before the night has swept away the sky;

This is my rock,
This is the place
I meet the evening face to face.

We Play


  1. Thank you, Jenny!

    I am a fan of rocks. I like to dance on rocks. At least that's what I call it. I enjoy climbing steep rocky mountain trails, then running back down. There is nothing in the world I love more than leaping from rock to rock, letting gravity and the pitch of the slope carry me forward. It's a little like flying, but I typically think of it as dancing with the mountain.

  2. Super! I had a lovely rock outcrop to play on as a child. My mum played there and my son has too when we go there on holiday.

  3. Oh yes - I've just blogged about rocks and stones as play features (I'm on a rock run at the moment)

  4. I'm with Teacher Tom, rocks are the perfect place for dancing and putting on concerts (is that why they are called rock concerts ? LOL)

  5. Fantastic! They look like they are in rock heaven ;-)

  6. Great post- such fun and inspirational photos! xo m.

  7. Oooooohhhhhh! What beautiful pictures! What beautiful words! What a beautiful place!

    I want a great big rock like that so I can run and steal the secret of the sun.

    Donna :) :)

  8. Thank you for the comments everyone. I'm rather fond of rocks myself - I grew up by the beach with a big rocky area and that is where we would spend the weekend - climbing, jumping and creating worlds.

  9. This post touched my heart.
    When my husband and I travel, people routinely ask, What are you carrying in your bags, rocks? There so $#@ heavy!!!
    The answer is yes,
    In fact we routinely gift each other rocks whenever we take a trip or a hike.
    Well, I also pick up feathers and squashed auto parts too...
    But, I heart rocks!!!!!!!.

  10. What beautiful photos and thoughtful words. I love rocks, especially small, smooth ones which fit in my pocket.