Friday, June 18, 2010

8 things to do with sticks

Welcome to Nature Play Friday: A place to discover fun ways to get your kids playing in and with nature.

This week is a salute to the humble stick.

1. Journey Sticks

From Children and Nature Network Connect

2.  Make a campfire
A pretend camp fire:

3.  Make a basket out of sticks and playdough

Make a flat pancake out of the playdough for the base
Lay down a layer of sticks over the pancake
Add first layer of playdough for the top part of the basket
Alternate with a layer of sticks
Press down in between
Voila - a stick and playdough basket!

4.  Build a teepee

5.  Sawing sticks

We sawed up sticks we collected:

and then we

6.  Painted sticks

Now we have a basket full of painted sticks
which we will use to:

7.  Make snakes


8. Make stick sculptures

rather like this idea with tape and string and wood glue
except imagine sticks instead of wood pieces

For more ideas on things to do with sticks:


  1. How funny, I've been using a lot of sticks lately! My girls came up with 13 Things to Do with a Stick and then we were inspired by Teacher Tom and the glue gun to make sculptures.

    I can see we'll have to move on to including other things, they look like lots of fun.

  2. Fun post! Thanks for the great links.

  3. I'm loving all of these ideas Jenny. Hmmm ... there's something about sticks I really love and there are some really cool ideas here THANKS!
    Donna :) :)