Tuesday, May 4, 2010

dancing at preschool

Dance, and the whole world dances with you.

We clear space on the dance floor, crank up the music, maybe dress up in our dancing clothes and then get down and boogie:

Have you ever danced alone around your living room?  That uninhibited, spontaneous joyful dancing is what dancing with four year olds is like.  Children aren't worried about socially acceptable or proper rules when dancing or playing with music.

And while it might all look like wild times at the (very) under aged disco there is actually learning going on here!  To give kids the chance to move freely to music is to give them the opportunity to express, imagine, create, listen, feel and learn to:
be aware of their bodies and what they can do
perceive and respond to variations in music
love moving to music
appreciate different types of music
appreciate the work of other children
develop an awareness of personal space and respect the personal space of others
to move safely
improve co-ordination, balance and rhythm
be original, individual and unique

Teachers can be a little bit afraid of loosing control of a group when they give kids free reign on the dance floor. While there definitely is a place for more structured movement activities in preschools it is when you let go of that control and give the kids time and space for free expression that you have the chance to truly see the inside of a child when they are care free and in their element.
So grab the kids, turn up the volume and dance like there is no one else in the room.  That's what preschoolers do!

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  1. That looks like so much fun :)

  2. Your right Jenny there's nothing so free as to boogie with a five year old and we are SO lucky to be able to do it every day.
    Dancing like no one is watching is sooooo good for the soul!
    Donna :) :)

  3. Oh,my two-year-old LOVES dancing right now. She only has about three moves, but she dances VERY enthusiastically!

  4. There is nothing more fun! We are having a Dance Party at our Mums on the Go group in two weeks time. I can't wait to get down and boogie with the kids. Love this post.

  5. I love dancing with my girls. It is such a great activity to do when they are starting to stress out about things too, really helps to relax everyone :)

  6. We love a good belly dancing session at preschool too. One of my colleagues is in a belly dancing group and she is sharing the love with the kids.

  7. I also love how putting on music and dancing can completely change the mood for a group of toddlers or preschooler, or even this mum! We dance most days in our house and believe me, we dance like no one is watching! LOL

  8. Jenny, I love reading your blog because it takes me back to my teaching days and sometimes I really miss them. I used to love having free dancing with the kids. We had just one rule - No touching each other! We would have disco days and rock and roll days and the kids would bring in their favourite music from home. Lots of fun

  9. Lovely to see kids dancing. Very freeing :)