Tuesday, May 18, 2010

timeless play experiences

Some toys just never go out of fashion.

When I look around preschool I see kids absorbed in play with many of the same things I played with at preschool (all those centuries ago!):

playing with wooden blocks;

wooden dolls and doll houses;

a good game of skittles;

easel painting;

reading picture books.

Sometimes the oldies really are the goodies.
What do you remember from your preschool days?

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  1. We have several set of these Jenny and they are extremely popular, a little tricky, great for balancing and a whole lot of fun!
    Donna :) :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how all those "old" activities are so engaging to today's preschoolers?

  3. This is such a great post. It's been a challenge for my hubby & I to fend off all the "fancy" toys friends & family buy our kids for birthdays & holidays. We prefer to keep it simple with old favorites -- a wheelbarrow, cards, crayons and TONS of books!

  4. Everyone looks like they are having such a fun time playing.

  5. Funnily enough I have very few pleasant memories of kindergarten (preschool). Actually who am I kidding I HATED kindergarten ( I was young ... a May baby)! But I do remember the old jumping board I used to play on for hours and hours. We had one at kinder until recently but it had to go after it developed a split, but your right Jenny, all these things might be oldies but they're still goodies!
    Donna :) :)

  6. My kids discovered those stilts you have pictured at the museum the other week. I don't think they had ever seen them before. We are now saving big, strong tins so they can make their own.
    Some games are timeless.

  7. I remember building cubby houses anywhere and everywhere. From scraping dirt away from the camphor laurel roots at school, to cardboard boxes, and the car wreck next door (we learnt to dodge the redbacks!)

    Play is the thing. Kids will pretend a stick is a doll or a sword. They don't need fancy props because they have their wonderful imaginations.

  8. Yep, these are highest order toys -- they simply can't be improved upon.

    We play with every cardboard box that comes our way until it's destroyed!

  9. Ahh yes, the good old cardboard box is another favorite - and cubbies of any order come to think of it. And Debi - I find that 'fancy' toys often find their way to the back of the shelf or the cupboard at home, or break :)

  10. Ohh, I remember so many of those mentioned fondly.

    My other favorites were the sand pit (do they still allow such things these days), and hula hoops.

    We just got my daughter a hula hoop for her birthday and she loves it.

    The other thing my to play endlessly on is big rocks.

  11. Hear, hear! Makes you wonder why we buy children so much 'stuff' nowadays. The only thing I would add is some old pots and pans and wooden spoons.