Friday, May 28, 2010

nature play friday: inspiring nature play tips for preschoolers

Welcome to nature play friday:
a place to discover fun activities to get your kids playing in and with nature.

My inspiration file grows daily with tips from blogs across the globe. It seems a shame not to share them!

1.  create your very own nature walk in your backyard
with these beautiful nature guides.

2.  create these unique outdoor picture frames

3.  use dandelions as paintbrushes
with this simple step by step tutorial from Simple Kids

do you have a nature play idea?


  1. I'm really loving those frames. I think that's a much better use for our pile of sticks than waving them in each other's faces.

  2. Great ideas as always, Jenny! This week, we headed out to read under a favorite tree, then get exploring. Check it out:

  3. Hay thanks Jenny. Sherry and I were just saying yesterday that we should get some frames for the children's pendulum paintings. SO Jamieson bush ... her I come!
    Donna :) :)

  4. Great - i have been doing lots of outside to save me and my boy 4 from butting heads! Always good to have new ideas.

  5. Tom, as my mum always warned us "You'll have your eye out with that stick".

  6. I really like the outdoor nature frames. We have been using leaves, flowers and other various bits and pieces to construct pictures - mostly faces at the moment.

  7. The nature frames can be taken a step further and can become a place to hang shells, plants in half-bottles, mobiles, leaf strings, etc. It's possible to create a walkway of these like a series of pergolas. Sadly I don't have copyright permission to show the photo that explains what I mean.