Friday, May 7, 2010

nature play friday: fun nature play tips for preschoolers

Welcome to Nature Play Friday - 

a place to discover simple activities that give children the opportunity to connect with the natural world.

As my inspiration file grows daily with tips from all over the blogosphere, it seems a shame not to share them.  

1.  create a wormery

2. composting for kids

3.  drawing on rocks

Do you have a nature play idea you would like to share?


  1. I love the rock art idea Jenny. Sharpie pens would work really well for that.

    Donna :) :)

  2. Hi, I just thought I'd introduce myself. I've just started a blog about my daily teaching life and was searching for other inspirational Aussie teachers. I love your blog and have become a follower. Great ideas in this post, love sharing!
    From Alissa
    SA Junior Primary teacher

  3. The wormery looks so fun. Right now we are tending to our ant farm, but soon we'll be ready to add more to the menagerie, and worms will be perfect.

  4. Jenny, you may like to create a 'weaving' whereby you make a frame with a piece of driftwood/branch at the top (hung from a ?tree) and a branch at the bottom. Tie string vertically between the 2 branches. Anything can be gathered - grasses, sticks, flowers with long stems and woven in and out of the string. Leave it hanging and can be added to on a daily basis, until it is complete.