Sunday, May 2, 2010

my little blogging victories

Today I read a great post by Darren Rowse called Success (In Blogging) is Made of Little Victories.

This got me thinking about what success in blogging means to me.

My Little Blogging Victories
I'm a mere babe in the woods when it comes to blogging, but already I've celebrated my own little victories that may or may not have resulted in a "woohoo" while sitting at the computer:
  • pressing 'publish post' for the first time
  • getting my first comments (thank you Deborah from Teach Preschool and Tom from Teacher Tom)
  • figuring out what an RSS feed was (you may well laugh, but this was BIG)
  • finding a fabulous blog from fellow Australians (Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning)
  • being linked to by another blogger for the first time (this still thrills me!)
  • using an idea I found on a blog at my preschool for the first time
  • being told by another blogger that they had used one of my ideas
  • being asked to guest post for the first time (thrilled to bits when asked by The Grass Stain Guru)
My Big Blogging Success

My mission when I started blogging was to celebrate children's play and to be inspired by others who do the same. 

All of my little blogging victories have led to connections with fabulous people who are also passionate about play who have inspired and motivated me with their own experiences, ideas and resources.  If I measure my blogging success against my original mission I would have to say: victory achieved and mission accomplished! 

What are some of your little blogging victories?


  1. Oh Jenny you're a fair dinkum gem! I can relate to everything you just wrote except YOU are a legend it is We who are the babe's in the woods. I mean RRS, RSS whatever it is ... WHAT IS IT???

    Donna :) :)

    Seriously, we need to talk!

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  3. SORRY Jenny that was ME deleting, I posted twice ... oops!
    D :) :)

  4. I can relate with what you are is very exciting creating,trying to perfect one's post and sharing is very trilling...

  5. You're an amazing presence in the blogosphere, Jenny. Young children everywhere are better off for the efforts you put in here.

    Let's keep inspiring one another!

  6. I'm new to blogging, but i'm enjoyng my own personal victories - its exciting. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great idea for a post! I can totally relate to this one. I think the most rewarding victory I've had was reading how something I wrote inspired another family to get outside & try the same thing. And you do that ALL THE TIME! You rock!

  8. I celebrate every little victory right along with you - believe it or not, I notice these small victories. I check all the time to see how bloggers are doing and where possible, I try to support them. I love the blogging community and your victory is a victory for us all!

  9. Hi Jenny, I just recently found your blog and immediately began thinking of ways to incorporate your ideas at home with my 2-year-old son. If only he could attend a preschool such as yours! I think the joy at your blogging victories is shared by all who value children's play and seek to support and preserve it in a world that often doesn't. Write on!

  10. Ha yes yes...blogging know how...such a new world! I've been skimming through your blog and of course i'm loving your philosophy amongst many other things....oh and your bee hotel...awesome!!

  11. Hi Jenny and ALL other bloggers

    I now recommend on my courses and workshops that pre-schoolers will learn a lot very quickly by checking out yours and other bloggers.

    If anyone wants their blog featured on mine and it's not there, please do let me know...the emphasis needs to be predominantly outdoors and to have a child- led approach. I also have lots of other blogs in my "follow" list on the profile page.

    Jenny, I hope you achieve some formal recognition for your hard work in terms of blogging.

    Best wishes to everyon

    PS I'm also always happy to have guest bloggers. It's something I want to build up to get the word out a bit more about what's on the internet.

  12. yeah! i'm glad you're part of my blogworld...i am inspired and encouraged by you on every post.

    thank you!!

  13. yeah! i'm glad you're part of my blogworld...i am inspired and encouraged by you on every post.

    thank you!!

  14. I can so relate to your victories.

    Thanks for your blog. It's always so inspirational.