Saturday, May 22, 2010

bush adventures at preschool

Last week we took the trucks to use on the hill.
The children know a hill by an unusual name, ‘Near the missing Log’. There used to be a log that has disappeared, and the children identify this section from that missing log!

We stopped here for some truck play, got out the picnic blanket and had a snack in the bush. 
Shelters were built.  Some big:

Some small:

There were rocks to jump off:

We can tie a lot of different types of learning into our time in the bush, even literacy as well as turn taking, scientific discoveries, gross motor skills and so much more learning and growing is taking place in the bush that your children will always have with them.


  1. Oh my good golly gosh I am sooo jealous Jenny! You guys have the most beautiful setting for a preschool. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I want our kinder to be surrounded by beautiful Australian bush! I want to take my children with our trucks and go and play on the hill and jump off rocks and go on bear hunts and build stick shelters and eat our snack on a picnic blanket! It's not that we can't do all these things 'cos we can ... it's just that you get to do it in the bush. I don't suppose I could be so lucky as to pick up my very own Aussie bush scene from Bunnings could I? After all I've managed to pick up everything else I've needed for kinder from there over the last couple of weeks!
    Donna :) :)

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  3. I'm jealous too, Jenny!

    I guess we each have to take advantage of our own environments. You have the bush, I have large men with gold teeth and tattoos on their faces!

  4. I agree, you do have a beautiful setting and it's so nice that you use it all the time.
    I had to laugh about the missing log, we find the turn into our street by looking for where the pile of sticks used to be (someone inconsiderately went and burnt the pile).

  5. OOoh thats interesting. My kids refer to plcaes by natural things to - thistle park, darter bird park etc. There is something in that!

  6. What a fabulous space you have! I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog...I'm looking to "naturalize" our play area outside a bit more, and you seem to be a wealth of ideas!
    I'm going to be spending some serious time in your archives!
    with thanks