Thursday, May 20, 2010

building our banging post at preschool

Inspired by the images of banging walls I have seen popping up all over the blogosphere, I was chaffing at the bit to  make one with the children at preschool. 

We didn't have a suitable wall frame, so we used one of the wooden posts that hold up a shade cloth.  It was an easy and fun to do.

We gathered up a basket of old baking tins and muffin trays, along with hammers and nails.  And then we got hammering:

Tada...introducing our new banging pole:

Here are some more banging walls from creative souls that I have found in the last few days:

Have you created something similar?  I'd love to see - pop the link in the comments below.


  1. Oh it looks wonderful. I am pretty sure it was Amanda Soule that named the banging wall! We made one once just with a kitchen broom threaded with bits and pieces from the second kitchen drawer and held on with pipe cleaners. Great fun - unless you have a headache!

  2. Love it! Especially as you got the kids involved in the making of it too great stuff!

  3. did you see the music tree on Filth Wizadry blog

  4. Man, you guys are quick! I just pressed publish and bing, 3 comments :)

    Yes, Gwynneth, that is where I saw the first banging wall, and Michelle I also love the music tree at Filth Wizardry.

    I linked to both of these in the recent "Take the Music Outside" posts.

    Thanks for the tips :)

  5. Lovin' the bangin' wall! Hope your kids have lots of noisy fun with it.

  6. Jenny we made something similar last week but intead of attaching pots and pans to a wall we have hung our 'instruments' from a frame - saucepan, wok, baking tray, cake tin, saucepan lid and two aluminium tent poles ... the children LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
    Donna :) :)
    P.S. we also created a water wall on our fences ... FUN! FUN! FUN!
    P.S.S. Welcome home :)

  7. Fantabulous, both the process and the result. When can I come and play?

  8. You get my vote for this!


  9. There is something about photos of kids, especially girls, using hammers that really touches me. Look at that concentration. And there is so much power in feeling confident with tools.

    A friend of mine recently divorced after over 30 years of marriage. Her husband had always been the one to repair and build things for the household. One of her first acts as a single woman was to go out and buy a tool kit. She chewed my ear off for an hour enthusing about how incredible it made her feel to be able to take care of herself.

  10. What a fun idea! My boys would love a banging pole/wall. I'm not sure how the neighbors would feel about it. ;)

  11. I must say - this is wonderful.

  12. Donna and Sherry: You will have to put pics on your blog. I'd love to see all of this!

    Tom, I totally agree. I was happy to see so many girls wanting to get in on the act. In fact, my major hammering star was a little 3 year old girl who hammered in about 20 nails into the base of the post just for the heck of it. I didn't even need to start her off - she could place the nails and get going all on her ownsome.

    Christie, you can come and play anytime. We are only about a 4 hour plane ride away I think!

    Steve and Barbara - thanks for the kind comments :)

    The kids have been banging up a storm - and yes, it is noisy!

  13. Thank you so much for trolling the internet and grabbing all the different images. You always have good inspiring shots for the out-of-doors...Does it rain a lot where you are? We are in rain so much of the year that water and mud become a huge factor in what we try to set up outside...Now...where can I find a big steel can for free....??
    pamela wallberg

  14. I am pretty sure my little boy would love a ban wall. Very neat!

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