Friday, April 30, 2010

nature play friday: nature play tips for preschoolers

Welcome to nature play friday:
a place to discover fun activities to get your kids playing in and with nature. 

My inspiration file grows daily with tips from blogs across the globe. It seems a shame not to share them!

create a bee hotel

get crafty with a nature collage

make a magic wand out of sticks

Do you have a nature play idea you would like to share?

If you would like to share a nature play tip on nature play friday simply email me the link. I am always looking for new ideas to get kids playing in and with nature.


  1. Jenny -- I have the biggest crush on your blog!! Thanks so much for sharing such great ideas and your passion for getting the wee ones outside.

    Hugs- Bethe @balmeras

  2. So happy I found your blog!I need more ideas to get us outside!!!!!

  3. oh goodness me! Thanks for the link :-) Now I'm off to track down some linoleum...

  4. I've never heard of a bee hotel. That's a really interesting idea. Thanks for the idea/link.

  5. I love, love, love this post,especially the bee hotel.
    I'm always making magical wands with my Butterfly Girls and Dragonfly Boys.
    Here is my latest blog post "Playing Amongst the Dandelions".
    Hope you like!
    Marghanita Hughes

  6. The bee hotel is a wonder isn't it Marghanita. I'm off to check out your post - thanks for sharing the link :)