Friday, April 9, 2010

nature play friday: inspiring nature play tips for preschoolers

Introducing 'nature play friday'. 

Discover fun activities to get your kids playing in and with the natural world every friday.

My inspiration file of play ideas grows daily with tips from inspiring blogs all over the globe. It seems a shame not to share them!

Today I am teaming with a theme: nature bags.
What child doesn't love to collect little treasures when they are out and about in nature?

Sew a Nature Pouch

Kleas shares these nature pouches that preschool children helped stitch together and use to carry with them on their daily nature walks.

Pack a Field Bag

In Heywood's Meadow has a show and tell for field bags with some wonderful ideas on what to pack for a nature walk with children.

Make a nature box

A nifty way to reuse egg cartons from coastalgirl.

The humble paper bag

Simple, quick and easy!  The children can decorate their own bag before you head on outdoors.

What do you like to take with you on a nature walk with children?


  1. What great field bags! I may need to make a teacher field bag with stuff I need regularly - not just when we're going out in the field.

  2. If we're just walking around our neighborhood, we usually don't bring along anything to store our treasures in. On bigger adventures, we use a bug container. I love your suggestions. By the way, you should check out my Fun Friday posts for simple ways to have fun in nature.

  3. Even when we're not on a nature hike -- like when we're just walking to catch a bus -- kids are picking things up they want to keep. The best part about these field bags is that the adults no longer have to haul stuff around for the kids!

  4. We love the field bag idea too. In fact we wouldn't need to go off on a field trip to use them ... just a regular venture out into our playground looking for worms and grubs and slater bugs requires all these tools ... the children will dive on this idea!

  5. thanks for including mine in the bunch there, i feel quite honored to see my kids bags've also given me more ideas for my preschool :)

    as for our nature pouches...the kids don't want to leave without matter how short the walk Sherry and Donna said, they are always picking things up and to have a special place to keep them is perfect for small children.

  6. I love the field bag idea. Gotta make me one of those (or, even better, have my munchkin help me!!).

  7. They are all great ideas aren't they? Kristin - I thought they were perfect the minute I saw them :) Kid's are such collectors - my washing machine ends up with lots of bits and pieces from little boys' pockets! Debi, off to check out Fun Friday now - thanks for the tip.