Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my favorite childhood nature place

You know when you are doing those relaxation exercises?  The ones where you close your eyes and go to your "happy place"?   This is my happy place:

This was where I grew up.  Well, not here exactly.  We did live in a house.  But this was only a minute away.

We'd spend whole days here.  Our mums would pack us lunch, and off we'd go.  Swimming; climbing around the rocks; exploring the rock pools; catching crabs; fishing or mucking around in the bush. 

We spent so much time on these rocks that I still know where all the good rock pools are, and the best paths to follow.

This knowledge gives me cred with my boys.  We still spend our summer days here, and there goes my little bloke with his bucket, off to catch crabs.

I don't know if I could pack him lunch and wave him goodbye until the afternoon.  Who am I kidding, I know I couldn't.  It makes me sad that somewhere along the line this isn't okay anymore.

But I'm trying.  I can say "see you in an hour".

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  1. Wow Jenny, what an incredible playground you had ... and how lucky your boys are to be able to walk in your child hood footsteps!

    And don't worry ... that packing them off and waving them good bye will come as a natural progression ... we all manage to do it when we didn't think we ever would! Trust me, you'll feel proud when it happens because it will mean you've done your job as a Mum ... it'll mean their tool kit is full!

    Donna :) :)

  2. gorgeous can I ask where this is what a lovely place to explore (as a kid OR a grownup)

  3. What a wonderful place. Your little one is lucky to have you show him the ropes. Maybe as he gets older it will be easier to say, "see you this afternoon."

  4. Love this. Love it that it was so close to your home. So glad for your children!

  5. What a beautiful spot to have as your outdoor playground! Your son is lucky to be able to explore the same stomping grounds you did as a kid, don't you think?!

  6. Wow. That would be my favorite nature place, too!

  7. Thanks guys.

    Donna: Loving the tool kit reference :) Some days I think I'm filling it, others I feel like I've tipped it all out on the floor. Thats part of being a mum I guess!

    Michelle: Its a beach on Sydney's middle harbour called Clontarf.

    Mel, Launa, Debi, Jennifer: It does have a kind of 'circle of life' feeling to see your kids play where you used to. And the best bit is that my Dad grew up on this beach too (My grandparents moved there in the 1930's) so its a multi-generational thing! We don't move very far in our family :)

  8. Amazing! What a blessing that you grew up in such a beautiful place. I'm going to have to make the (ridiculously long) trip to your neck of the woods one day!

  9. Oh Jenny, you are sooo lucky! Not just because you grew up in such a magnificent place, but because you can go back there. I'm pretty sure my places don't exist any more and even if they did they are across the country and half-way around the world.

    I have very fond memories of riding bikes on trails in the South Carolina pine forest we called "Hampton's Land." We had landmarks we named the "Sand Pits," and the "Clay Pits," and in the back of our minds always was the improbable legend that old man Hampton sometimes patrolled his land with a shotgun. Fun and it sure felt dangerous! I hear the forest is now a suburban neighborhood. =(

    When I was a little older, we lived in Athens and we loved going to the Parthenon as a family. We must have visited once a week for 4 years. Mom and dad would picnic somewhere lower on the Acropolis, while my brother and I got to roam the ruins for hours. I could go back there now, but they don't let tourists roam the ruins any more -- I guess the previous generation was a little hard on them!

  10. Hehe about old man Hampton: we used to do the same thing. We'd imagine that we were runaways and had to hide in the bush. Who we were running from I can't remember, but they were baaad.

    What an amazing memory to have: picnicing at the Parthenon and exploring the ruins. That would be like a real 'boys own adventure'.

  11. Your spot reminds me a lot of the beach that I would play on as a child in Maine. Reid State Park was full of granite rocks to traverse, wading pools with a plethora of creatures to find, and there was always a picnic basket full of ham italians to munch on for lunch. How lucky that your boys can enjoy the same spot as you!!