Wednesday, March 17, 2010

playing outdoors whatever the weather

If the preschools in Norway and Scotland can do it in their climate, then we can hardly let a little bit of rain stop us in Australia!

You can find some really interesting things to look at in the rain.

You'd never guess we were in suburbia and only half an hour from a major city.

Walking in the rain is one of the joys of childhood.

Do you head outside on rainy days?


  1. Welcome to my world, Jenny! If we don't play in the rain here, we don't play outside.

    It looks like fun!

  2. I love how engaged they are in your walk! It looks like you are far away from everything!

  3. There are all kinds of fun things to discover in the rain that aren't there when it's dry out. Looks like the kids really had fun!

  4. progressiveearlychildhoodeducation.blogspot.comMarch 18, 2010 at 8:55 AM

    The rain adds to the feeling of adventure for all of us I think.

  5. As your post came up on my news reader, I felt an incredible urge to write a response. So here goes.

    I don't understand the fear that parents have of their children playing in the rain/puddles. It's such a wonderful experience and it's almost guaranteed fun which results in tired happy children.

    I took my 2yo to play at the local park a few weeks ago, it was raining (quite heavily) and in places there were calf-deep puddles. We wore shorts and no shoes and raincoats and carried umbrellas. We both had a wonderful time, laughing and squealing and had a warm shower when we got home. I shared the experience with some other Mums and to say the least they were horrified that I should be so irresponsible - one even going as far as saying exactly that. Apparently I was being irresponsible. The responses varied from "what if she gets a cold" to "I couldn't' do that, X could drown in a puddle" to "I hate going out in the rain". I was gobsmacked.

    I know not all parents are like this, but what's happened? What happened to letting kids be kids?

    A warm round of applause from me to you for giving these children such a wonderful opportunity to experience and investigate the world around them.

  6. jenny - i love all your photos, but these ones in particular are so sweet.
    I really like your blog - thanks for being such an inspiration.