Tuesday, March 16, 2010

making our own wooden houses at preschool

Depending your point of view, this post could also be called

"how I shamelessly steal ideas from teacher blogs" or

"how I am inspired by the work of other teachers through their blogs"

I saw these hand made wooden houses on  Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning and did, indeed, find them irresistible:

So naturally when I spied some pine off cuts of a similar shape I scooped them up and spirited them away to preschool.

We set the kids up on the grass with a few old sample pots of paint.

Unfortunately the wood pieces ran out before their desire to paint did.  So they began to paint the wooden pallet.  And then the logs.

Pretty much anything that didn't move was painted.

If you ever need your house painted, I've got just the little people for the job.  

Back to the houses.  

I waged an internal war - my inner control freak versus my progressive child centred teacher side.  My control freak won, and I drew on the windows and doors myself.  A quick spray of gloss paint, and voila:

The children are really getting a kick out of using them in their play.

Thank you Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning.

Head on over to their site for step by step instructions on how to make your own irresistible building blocks.


  1. WOW Jenny your little houses look amazing!

    Please feel free to beg, borrow or steal our irresistible ideas whenever you like ... and that goes for every one else too!

    The whole idea of blogging is to help each other out with irresistible ideas for play based learning so thank you so much for sharing this with every body ... hopefully other kindergartens and pre-schools will jump on the band wagon and create their own miniature houses too ... we'd so love to see little villages popping up on other sites all around the world!

    They're soooo cute and soooo easy to make!

  2. I prefer to say "inspired" although when I contact the blogger I was "inspired" by, I usually say that I stole their idea!

    Those building blocks are fantastic. What a great experience for the children to have a different type of canvas to paint on. I really like the photos showing the children incorporating them into their imaginative play.

    How wonderful that everyone was involved in the brainstorming session for the mud patch. It makes it so much more exciting when everyone is included and has a say in a project like this. The children must be so excited. Hang on a sec, as a teacher, I would be so excited about this.

    The children are so lucky to have the creek so accessible and teachers that care enough to make use of this beautiful natural resource.

  3. Wonderful! I've been "inspired" myself. Now one the lookout for pieces to paint.

  4. Thanks guys. Inspired, stole - whats the difference?!

  5. I always find the best ideas here, these turned out really well. We recycle so much today... ideas included. That's the fun of sharing- in the hope that we inspire other educators! :)

  6. Those turned out awesome - so much better then buying:)

  7. That is such a wonderful idea! I might try it this summer.

  8. I love these! I'm always on the lookout for "real and found" materials to add to our centers---this is great. I'll have to check on my dad in his workshop, soon!