Tuesday, March 23, 2010

quirky fun with lego

Have a look at the surprising way the children at the West Seattle Community School have been using their lego:

The kids took to beautifying their school by filling in the cracks with lego:

Their inspiration was the work of artist Jan Vormann, who took to the streets of New York with these results:

 And in Italy:

In his ongoing project dispatchwork, Vormann uses lego blocks to repair damaged walls. 

I love the quirkiness, the playfulness and the get-out-and-about-ness of it all.  It just makes you happy, don't you think?


  1. Seeing this post (what fun!) . . . you might like this . . .


  2. Hm, we have a pretty big gash in the brickwork of the foundation where we live (earthquake country and all). I wonder if we have enough lego to fill it though. It might take all the Duplo we have given the size :O