Sunday, March 21, 2010

the playpod project

The Scrapstore Playpod Project in the UK takes container loads of scrap materials like these into schools to stimulate, enhance and facilitate children's play.  

Take a look at the playpod in action. 

The Playpod project operates on the principle that the greater the range of experiences that are presented by a play environment the more children will naturally explore and learn through play.

The vital ingredients for these experiences are loose parts: attractive, flexible materials which children can readily change, manipulate and control for themselves.

This is a principle that we can all easily apply to play environments both at preschool and at home to fuel the creativity and imagination of our children. 

Think of the possibilities a combination of these materials could offer:
  • cardboard boxes
  • fabric
  • lengths of tubing
  • netting
  • drain pipes
  • tyres
  • rope
  • plastic pots
  • milk crates
If we give children the time and space to explore materials and resources we give them the opportunity to become masters of their environment and the learning potential is enormous. 

(You might also enjoy reading about a similar project based in the US called Imagination Playground in a Box).

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  1. Once again, Jenny, you've shown me something that gets me excited about being a teacher! Thanks.

  2. No probs Tom. I so admire these people that put these ideas together.

  3. I am such a fan of this and your related blog posts. Thanks for helping me (hopefully) start a little revolution.

  4. Thanks for your comment Marla - I'm glad you enjoyed them. I think the people who do these things are amazing. It has me thinking of making our own "imagination playground in a box" for preschool - maybe using a couple of those really big plastic containers and fill them with plastic and cardboard tubes, fabric, containers, reels, wheels etc and just wheeling them out onto the grass every now and then to see what evolves. It gets the mind ticking!

  5. More great ideas. I love using these items and repurposing them for play outside. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. This is great! Art plus reuse, how can you go wrong?

  7. You might like to know about us at:

    Any decent play facilitator knows that children see uses of things in ways adults (alas) have forgotten about.

  8. This is such a great concept! I wonder if anyone offers anything like this in the States...and if not, what would it take to get it started? the meantime, I will put the word out to my parents, and maybe we can start our own "pop-up" playground. :)