Monday, March 1, 2010

creating a fairy garden at preschool

When children are given the time and space to play with a wide array of open-ended and natural materials magic happens.

This particular magic was fairies at the bottom of the preschool play space.

Last week we designated a spot outside as the site for a fairy world, or fairy garden.

We gathered our resources.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing new.  A mix of natural and man made open ended materials that the children could use as they pleased: 
  • old gardening pots
  • scraps of material of different lengths
  • pine cones
  • bark
  • fake flowers
  • gumnuts
  • small china dishes and bowls (from the $2 shop)
  • garden lanterns
  • a carving of an indian goddess
  • a big tub of sand
  • a couple of stumps, small logs and stepping stones
  • a couple of tyres
  • stones and pepples
  • small coloured tiles
I took a core group of my fairy gardeners for a walk in the bush. baskets in hand, to collect other treasures to attract the fairies:

So far the play has largely revolved around decorating the fairy garden (or fairy dance floor, or fairy playground):

One 4 year old took herself off to the craft table and made her own fairy by drawing a figure, cutting it out and sticking it onto a paddle pop stick.  Magic!

Then of course the fairies grew tired and needed somewhere to rest their little fairy heads:

Meanwhile the boys were not showing much interest in the fairy garden, but they were interested in the sticks.  These were busily dragged to the sandpit where they worked together to build a monster house:

More magic! I just hope the fairies and monsters can live in harmony.

What about you?  Have you created a garden for fairies?

photo credit: will biscuits via photopin cc


  1. Wonderful! I remember spending hours making fairy gardens as a child. We also used to sew and french knit little clothes to leave as gifts for the fairies.

  2. What a joy it is to see those photos. I love that the possibilities were endless. I particulalry like the idea of giving some of your students a basket to find and collect items to attract fairies, thus allowing each child to let their imagination run wild.

    Thank you for posting other preschool blogs that have inspired you. As a former teacher (high school teacher) I was often mystified as to why some other teachers were reluctant to collaborate, brainstorm and plan resources together as well as share ideas and activities. Blogging is a perfect forum for sharing activities, gaining inpiration from others and networking with other like minded educators.

  3. Thanks for the comments - I think I'm having as much fun in the fairy garden as they are.