Wednesday, March 10, 2010

eco cubby houses in preschools

Do you remember a while back I talked about the Eco Cubby program?

Eco Cubby teams architects with schools and preschools to collaborate with the children to build cubbies using the principles of sustainable design.     

Have a look at the amazing designs children have come up with on display at the recent 2010 Eco Cubby Launch:

There is so much to love about this program:
  • it takes learning outside;
  • it builds on children's interests:  
  • it teaches sustainable living in a way that is fun, meaningful and hands-on;
  • it brings the community and schools and preschools together;
  • it listens to the kids.
Just take a look at what is happening at the Yarra Road Primary School.

I wish this sort of thing happened when I was at school.  Come to think of it, I wish this sort of thing happened now in more schools.

Do you know of any similar projects?  I'd love to hear about them.


  1. The gumnut economy! What a brilliant idea. There is so much going on there from an educational point of view. Language, maths, cooperation/social skills, spatial awareness, physical coordination, I could go on... I just love hearing about creative activities that involve the whole child.

  2. So true. And learning without even knowing they are learning because its fun :)

  3. We are experiencing the same disinteret in constructive type play with unit blocks - they go untouched some days. Outside the kids this year are building things by moving lots of bits and pieces of outdoor equipment around to make things and recently are into using string and balls of wool to tie everything together.

    I'm putting it down to a big influx of young 3's this year.

    I find if I'm in the block corner building they will get into it ("if you build it they will come!") and a fair bit of modelling for building cubbies.

    Visual aids work well for us - making books out of images found of cubbies built with sticks etc. I needed this to get the fairy garden amped up a notch because they were stalling.

    I'm in the middle of making a book for the block corner of photos of their block constructions for inspiration.

    Cubbies: if they begin by having something to lean the sticks / wood against that is a big help. Even a table that they can lean the sticks along the side and leave a crawl space.

    Last year the kids were a lot more into building stuff, but I think that was because we were top heavy in older kids and they passed the love onto the younger ones.

    Does this help? I rambled but it was a fractured day at preschool and the kids have exhausted me!