Saturday, March 27, 2010

blogosphere circle of influence

From Melbourne to Sydney to Seattle and then back again - the blogosphere helps ideas to span states and then continents.
It all started in Melbourne when Simply Irresistible Ideas for Playbased Learning created these vibrant miniature houses from pine of fcuts:

Being simply irresistible, I was inspired to do the same with the kids at preschool.  They began to paint the wood offcuts:

which very soon evolved into painting whatever they could get their hands on:

Now the miniature house idea has gone international, with Teacher Tom and his kids starting out with painting their wood offcuts:

which very soon evolved into painting their outdoor environment:

Meanwhile, back in Sydney some of our kids were busy creating another fairy garden:

inspired by these people,  who also helped to inspire Teacher Tom to create his Little Worlds.  We went out hunting for flowers in the local bush to use as decorations, but came home disappointed with how few we could find.

Then I remembered Tom's post on Doug Rhodehamel's Spore Project which inspired him to create mushrooms with his kids:

Mushrooms go very nicely with fairy gardens!  So we set about creating some of our own.  Here are some of them 'planted' next to the fairy garden:

The circle of inspiration - around and around and around it goes, where it stops, nobody knows!  This is why I love my newly found bloggy world.

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  1. We're now thinking maybe mushrooms for Melbourne?

    We're currently on end of first term break for two weeks (beginning this week), so when we go back to kinder we may have to complete another "circle of inspiration" by introducing mushrooms into our 'Hush Garden'.... what do you think?

  2. I think your delightful hush garden would be the perfect place for a little crop of mushrooms to pop up :) show us some pics when they do. have a lovely break, Jenny

  3. I love how these ideas move and expand!

  4. Watch out Scott, I've got a few of your ideas bookmarked for the future :)