Monday, March 1, 2010

15 inspiring blogs about preschool

Has blogging influenced your teaching?

To share our own learning, experiences and reflections with other teachers is beneficial to our own professional development - and it can  also benefit the children that we teach.

There aren't many opportunities for me to meet teachers outside my own preschool. 

There are fewer opportunities for me to actually visit other preschools. 

The very nature of teaching can be professionally isolating with the dangers of becoming stagnated in our approaches very real.

I began to search for blogs by teachers to see what was happening in preschools outside my little world.  And then I started my own.

Along the way I have discovered a network of teachers who share their ideas and passion for teaching young children.  These blogs have had a very real impact on my own teaching and professional development. 

I'm sure you will find inspiration for your classroom here too:

Teachers who inspire:

Outdoor play blogs:

Teacher networks:

Education Blogs:

What blogs have influenced the way you teach?

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  1. Blogging and reading the blogs of others has greatly energized me as a teacher. I read most of the blogs you've listed and have found them, each in their own way, inspirational, informative and eye-opening.

    I would have to put you at the top of my list of favorite blogger, Jenny.

  2. I've just stumbled across this post as I'm searching for a photo I saw in an early posting!

    To me blogging is about sharing and learning and being inspired and encouraged. I only teach occasionally - 23 days in the last year. But one of my ways of keeping in touch. How can I advise others and deliver training otherwise?

    It is also a living memory of collated ideas that can be retrieved.

    I don't know all the blogs you've mentioned but yourself and Teacher Tom have been brilliant "finds" of 2010. Thank you both so much.

    I also rather like Lenore Skenazy's Free Range Kids blog. She has a warm blunt style that simply invites comments!

    Although it's not technically a blog, I also enjoy being part of Children & Nature Network Connect.

    Happy blogging folks

  3. Thanks Jenny,

    We too must be looking in all the wrong places to find Australian teachers willing to share their incredible knowledge.

    Thank's to your Blog however we have discovered some wonderful and informative educators around the world who are true teachers, not only to the children in the care but to other teachers like us.

    Thank you to all of you!
    Sherry and Donna

  4. Good on you Jenny,

    Here's hoping other teachers of early childhood will read your post on 'blogging and teaching' and summon the confidence to share their knowledge with others.

    As we are all relatively isolated as pre-school teachers, blogging is definitely a great way of sourcing much needed information, irresistible ideas and inspiration.

    Thank you for another interesting post Jenny.

    Donna and Sherry

  5. Hi Jenny -

    Thanks for putting me on your list! I've just started reading your blog, and I love what you're sharing.

    Blogging takes time out of our already busy days, but like you said, we can end up in isolation sometimes, and it is wonderful to know that there are like minded people all over the globe. I started blogging so I could save my inspirations in one place and I thought it would make me a moe reflective teacher, which it has. I am more passionate and engaged and excited everyday.

  6. Hi, I have just stumbled across this posts. I am a blogger from South Australia sharing about my Early Childhood Teaching and have been dissapointed to find very few Aussie bloggers. Have you found any more you could let me in on since posting this a few months ago???
    From Alissa@ Excuse Me Mrs.C!

  7. hello. well done. btw do you use facebook?