Friday, March 26, 2010

an inspiring natural playspace for children

If Minnesota wasn't at the other end of the earth I would definately be taking a trip to the Landscape Arboretum to see this magical natural playground. 

It looks like it was built by elves, or hobbits!

There is a theatre.

And a little world.  Maybe for the elves or hobbits.

Complete with furniture.  And check out the hammock!

This is my favorite.  It is something you could do at a preschool - it is a display frame for nature collections or nature art.

Just a simple wire frame - but so beautiful.

All of these images are from a blog I have just discovered.  It is called Kleas, and has loads of wonderful craft ideas for preschool age children - why not head on over and have a look?


  1. Oooh ... what a dreamy space to play! I wish I had something like this in my backyard! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My pleasure Debi - dreamy is a good word for it :)

  3. It's so important for kids to have opportunities to create when they play. Sometimes, just a different way of looking at something, or a new perspective is all it takes for them to make connections and be off and away. I love the potential here.

  4. What a gem! I love your blog. :)

  5. Minnesotan here! So happy and excited to see one of our favorite play spaces featured on one of my favorite blogs! We are lucky enough to be only 20 minutes away and play here regularly! Their play area is actually much larger and includes sand and water play, climbing trees, houses, and a children's garden. Lovely!

  6. I absolutely love how they made the furniture for the tiny world house.