Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10 articles on children's play in nature

Are you interested in getting the young children in your world out and about in nature?

Or perhaps you'd like to find out more about the importance of nature in the lives of children?

Here are links to children and nature resources that I have found helpful:

  1. Young Children's Relationship with Nature by Randy White
  2. Exploring the Forest by Anna Golden
  3. 20 ways to create Playscapes for the Soul
  4. A Nature Preschool Walk by Juliet Robinson
  5. Natural Playscapes by Rusty Keeler
  6. Children's Play in Natural Environments Fact Sheet
  7. Children's Outdoor Play and Learning Environments: Returning to Nature by Randy White
  8. 25 Easy Natural Play Ideas for Preschool Yards
  9. Adding Soul to your Playscapes by Rusty Keeler
  10. Nature Play: Fun and Simple Ideas for all
Do you have a favorite article or resource that you would like to share?


  1. I am very interested in reading about Natural Play and different ways to use the natural environment as a resource for my children.

    I was wondering if I am the only one that can't access all of the links. I seem to only be able to access the first two.

    I've recently made a few nature scavenger hunt activities for my three year old daughter and she has really enjoyed them. If you are at all interested they can be accessed on the links below:

    In the link below you need to scroll down to the numeracy section.

    I will pop back later and see if I can get the links to work, it may just be a problem on my end.

  2. Elise, thanks so much for alerting me to the links failure - hopefully I fixed them all (I added a couple too). And thanks for your link - I enjoyed reading it :)

  3. As both a mother and an educator I love being outdoors with kids! If only we still saw the world through their eyes. Looking forward to checking out some of these posts.

  4. Hi I am a natural playground educator and designer and am currently developing a free interactive map where we are going to show all the natural playgrounds so if you know a natural playground please email the name, address. Mention if it is a public or private natural playground and provide a brief description or comments. Also I host a linked-in discussion group on natural playgrounds that can be accessed through

  5. Thanks very much for recommending one of my case studies. Alas Last night I had a minor blip and deleted all the pdf files by accident. Whilst this has been fixed, I would advise anyone who wants to look at the "Nature Pre-school Walk" to go via my website - it's in the resources section.

    Best wishes