Thursday, February 11, 2010

tile printing activity at preschool

Tile printing is a simple printing activity that can be enjoyed by a range of ages at preschool.

Our brand new three year olds loved the sensory experience, and quickly turned it into a finger painting enterprise.  Our older children made intricate designs, or wrote their names and letters in the paint.

You will need:
  • a largish ceramic tile
  • big brushes or rollers
  • q tips
  • poster paint
  • paper.

The children cover the tile with paint using brushes or rollers.

This is the part that most absorbed the 3 year olds. Some of them just kept on slathering and slathering to their little hearts content.

Next they used a paddle pop sticks or q tips to draw their designs on the painted surface.

You could use anything that is going to make a strong mark in the paint.

Place the paper over the tile, and press down. While many of our kids were convinced that maximum pressing down force was needed (to the point of jumping off the ground to increase downward energy on the tile) you don't need much pressure.

And voila! I think the white border looks really effective, don't you?

Some of our older children added their own little touches.

A really popular activity and one that had something for everyone.


  1. Wow! I love this! Talk about process! Are the tiles expensive?

  2. Thanks guys. Ayn, we were donated about 10 tiles from a parent so no, they were free! Its amazing how much we use them though - at least 2 or 3 times per week. Great for bases for playdough and clay play; for pattern making with buttons or pattern blocks etc; for bases for small block building at a table.

  3. We think this project would be perfect for early literacy. We will feature it on DIY Literacy Projects. Thanks for sharing and stop by for a visit. Grab our "featured" button when you do.

  4. We’ve been stumbling around the internet and found your blog along the way.

    We love your work! What a great corner of the internet :)