Saturday, February 20, 2010

sand play with real dump trucks

We asked the truck to deliver the new sand for the sandpit during preschool hours so that the children could  share in the experience.

Having a big mound of sand to play on was exciting beyond belief.

Luckily there were a lot of willing workers on hand to help us move the sand into the sandpit. Apparently trucks don't have very good aim.

The sand hill slowly got smaller.

Our own trucks were bought in to help out.

And then there was nothing left for it but to start digging.


  1. Holy cow! That looks fun!

    It brings back memories of playing in piles of sand in my youth, although then we were trespassing on real construction sites. =)

  2. When my boys were young, we moved to a new subdivision and they had such a great time playing on the mounds of sand at the construction sites! We have a very large sand area at our school too, the kids love it!

  3. How much fun a huge pile of sand is!! It reminds me of the snow piles the plows would make near my childhood home. What fun we had moving, tunneling and running down that pile!! I'm glad you had such great helpers!!

  4. Love it love it love it!! Hours of fun and many concepts rolled into this activity .... wish more people understood that this is learning...

  5. I love it, and sometimes it does feel like we are living similar lives half way around the globe! We moved about 1/2 of our sand in two days. Now, it is has decided to rain a bit, so maybe the rain will push the sand closer to the sand pit? Our drive was too narrow for the truck to get very close. Fortunately, the haul is downhill! 19 tons is a lot of sand....... But the sandpit is looking much better! We might even have enough sand to dig to Australia now!